Girls Luna Loungewear + My Fabric Designs

Check out the girls version of the Luna Loungewear pattern by Love Notions. Bella likes her set as much as I like mine!

Luna Loungewear pattern for girls, by Love Notions

This is the size 14 tester version, and the straps have now been moved in slightly for a perfect fit. I know the fit is perfect because this girl ^ had me sew a couple more tanks for school. They’re in the laundry basket every time I try to get photos.

The similar RTW tank tops she wears are $10 when I catch them on sale, eek. It’s the built in shelf bra feature that she loves. I’m infinitely relieved I have a new go-to pattern, because her tanks are in heavy rotation.


Luna Loungewear, Love Notions Patterns

I’m an affiliate for Love Notions Patterns. When I showed you my women’s Luna Loungewear set, several of you bought the pattern from my link in the post. I received a commission for those purchases, and I wanted to say thank you. You got a great pattern, and helped me maintain this blog.

I’ll link this pattern at the bottom of the post, in case you want to buy it. (I think you do.)

Luna Loungewear pattern by Love Notions

I used cotton slinky knit from My Fabric Designs. The cotton slinky knit is lighter than their interlock, and has 6% spandex for a lot more stretch. It’s perfect for Luna Loungewear. I love that I can shop prints or design my own fabric; then choose between 26 different types of fabric. If you shop there, I highly recommend getting a swatch book. It makes planning a sewing project so easy.


Luna Loungewear for girls in cotton slinky knit from My Fabric Designs

Since I told you how great this pattern is in a previous post, I really have to show off my coverstitch work. I haven’t tried all the things my machine can do yet, but I’m getting the hang of the basics. It was tricky to cleanly start and stop the stitch work on the faux fly. (I had to rip it out once.)

Luna Loungewear for tweens! Cotton slinky knit from My Fabric Designs

As for the construction, I prefer the self binding straps option on this tank over the fold over elastic I used for mine. It’s nice and clean, wears well, and was easier than I thought.

I used a piece of crochet lace for the drawstring until I find some cording. I attached the two lace ends to a piece of skinny elastic in back. The elastic doesn’t show, but it helps relieve some stress on my button holes for now. The lace looks cute, but it’s not ideal.

The buttonholes use a piece of interfacing to stabilize the button hole, and it’s a great design feature. A fun color drawstring with matching coverstitching is Bella’s latest request.

Luna Loungewear pattern by Love Notions | Cotton slinky knit from My Fabric Designs

Pattern: Luna Loungewear by Love Notions- Buy the girls set or the girls/ladies bundle.

Fabric: Tribal Bands print in cotton slinky knit from My Fabric Designs

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Sanibel Dress + My Fabric Designs

I made the Sanibel Dress from Hey June Patterns, using organic cotton sateen from My Fabric Designs. Read on for a review and peek at my newest print, Beachy Keen. Or, skip to the bottom for links:)

Sanibel Dress in organic cotton sateen from My Fabric Designs

I cut a size XL for my Sanibel Dress. I saw Ajaire’s glamour romper a while back and knew I had to make this pattern.

Sanibel Dress pattern: inside view

This dress has beautiful finishing. There’s a back yoke and no visible seams on the cuffs. I added French seams everywhere, even the pockets.

Sanibel Dress from Hey June patterns

The Sanibel Dress pattern is designed with a lot of ease throughout the top. It’s meant to fit loosely and cinch in at the waist. If you have normally employ a swayback adjustment, you may eneed up with some fabric pooling in the back. I removed a lot of fabric from the bottom back seam. I cut off about 4″ in a half moon-ish shape, keeping the side seams their original length.

Sanibel Dress and Romper pattern review

I ended up adding a 3″ band for length since I didn’t pay attention to finished garment length. It’s still a bit short for me, so I’ll be adding more for my next version. I’m 5″6, for reference. But I also have a full bust and a long torso which contributes to the issue, regardless of height.

Sanibel Dress

Be sure to pay attention to seam allowances, especially the shoulder seams. I didn’t, and as a result my neckline didn’t match my collar stand. I pulled a pleat at the center back and Tim Gunned it.

Sanibel Dress collar front/back

The improvised pleat and not making a muslin were the only 2 crimes I committed while making the Sanibel Dress. I haven’t made tons of collars and this was my first time sewing a real cuff. I usually favor less involved projects, so I really took my time on this dress. I think my collar looks pretty good, for a newb!

Sanibel Dress button placket

Also worth a quick brag: the button placket and impeccable print matching on the pockets. You can barely see them; where’d they go?! I may add decorative bar tacks on the pockets later.

Sanibel Dress from Hey June Patterns

I cut off my feet in every single shot I took of my Sanibel Dress. Which is shameful, because I had on really cute wedges. And I never get to wear wedges!!

Sanibel Dress from Hey June Patterns, in organic cotton sateen from My Fabric Designs

But I want to tell you about the fabric, not my shoes. This was my first time using the organic cotton sateen from My Fabric Designs. It comes with a slight sheen that comes off during your pre-wash.

Beachy Keen by Amy Mayen. Available in 26 different types of fabric at My Fabric Designs

After washing, I had a light, soft, tightly woven cotton. It feels like a high quality voile but it’s opaque enough that no lining is needed for a dress. It breathes really well, so it’s perfect in this heat.

It frays a little more than quilting cotton. I used fray check* in the nooks and crannies, like the collar points. I also recommend fine pins or Wonder Clips* for this type of fabric.  (*Amazon affiliate links.)

My design is called Beachy Keen, and it’s available in 26 different types of fabric. If you purchase on of my prints, I recieve a small commission. Let me know if you do, so I can say thank you!

Sanibel Dress in Beachy Keen; organic cotton sateen from My Fabric Designs

Pattern: Sanibel Dress and Romper from Hey June

Fabric: Beachy Keen in organic cotton sateen from My Fabric Designs

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Silk Kimono + My Fabric Designs

This silk kimono is epic. I love the movement, the length, and most of all the fabric!!

New Look 6378 Silk Kimono; fabric available exclusively at My Fabric Designs

I used silk crepe de chine from My Fabric Designs. I designed this print and (I really shouldn’t brag but) I think it’s gorgeous. It’s nice to be getting some Me-Mades into my closet.

New Look 6378 silk kimono, fabric available only at My Fabric Designs

I planned to wear this silk kimono with a flowy tank, shorts, and sandals. That will have to wait for a bit, because the weather isn’t cooperating. Turns out, it looks great with jeans and boots too:)

Sam Edelman Boots

Don’t deny it; you love these boots. Sam Edelman from a couple seasons ago. I need to brush the suede! 

New Look 6378 Silk Kimono; fabric available only at My Fabric Designs

I didn’t have enough yardage to bind the outer edges of my silk kimono. I trimmed the circumference with elastic lace, dyed to match of course. So obsessed with lingerie elastic and Rit DyeMore right now.

French seams in silk crepe de chine

I used French seams which make it look really clean and pretty inside. I did have enough fabric to bind the armholes, in case you were wondering:)

New Look 6378 silk Kimono

I’m enjoying sewing with silk, it’s not as fussy as I thought. Also, surprisingly stain resistant…

This is kind of gross, but I’m going to tell you anyways. Remember when I showed you my beat up hands on Instagram? Well one of those cuts opened up while I was sewing. I didn’t notice for several minutes…it was the finger I use to guide fabric through the pressor foot.

New Look 6378 silk kimono; fabric available only at My Fabric Designs

OMG, blood all over my silk kimono! Panic ensued. I dabbed it with a q-tip and peroxide and rinsed it really quickly with cold water. Zero damage, can you believe? I guess silk is more filth-friendly than I realized; which is good. My kids are animals; plus, a ruined silk kimono would’ve been worse than losing my barn in this tornado.

New Look 6378 silk kimono; fabric available exclusively at My Fabric Designs

I’m so glad I didn’t make the practical hip length version, even though I had to sacrifice the sleeves to get it. Wearing my frivolous length kimono makes me feel like I don’t have a care in the world.

New Look 6378 Silk Kimono; fabric available exclusively at My Fabric Designs

It might even be giving me delusions of grandeur. Have you ever owned a garment that gives you unhealthy doses of self esteem?

New Look 6378 Silk Kimono with My Fabric Designs

Fabric: Ocean View by Amy Mayen, in silk crepe de chine available exclusively at My Fabric Designs

Pattern: New Look 6378

Disclosure: My Fabric Designs provided the fabric for this garment. If you purchase one of my designs, I recieve a 15% commission. If you’re interested in designing fabric, you should sign up too!

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My Sew-Jo Is Back Because New Fabric

Once or twice a year, I lose my sew-jo. It usually lasts a week or two, and its nerve wracking. I have some tricks that have worked in the past, like organizing my sewing room or focusing on a remodeling project. Sometimes taking a week off to study sewing makes me want to sew. I’ve also got into a good book series, or spent way too much time on Pinterest in search of my motivation. I obey myself when I don’t feel like sewing, and it always comes back.

Bohemian Fabric Collection by Amy Mayen, available at My Fabric Designs

Today my sew-jo came back full force. My package came in the mail from My Fabric Designs. I guess pretty new fabric is all it takes! Meet the new additions to my fabric family.

Caravan in amethyst by Amy Mayen, available at My Fabric Designs

Caravan Amethyst by Amy Mayen, shown in cotton silk. Available at My Fabric Designs

This is Caravan in amethyst, one of the designs in my bohemian collection. I love it in cotton silk. It has more of a sheen and a crisper hand than the crepe. I plan to make a pair of those pom-pom shorts, but minus the poms. Pretty lounge shorts, yasssss!

And this is Ocean View in silk crepe de chine. It will become a kimono, if I can eek out the pattern out of my 3 yards. I forgot to account for pre-wash shrinkage! I really want a long kimono; but if I’m short of fabric I’ll make the waist length version. Shorter would be more practical for a farm girl, but I’m in the mood for frivolity at the moment.

New fabric for motivation? I think yes! Although this discovery could be dangerous.

Why did my sew-jo return at the start if a busy weekend? I have a wedding to attend, and I don’t dare distract myself by cutting my garments out. Waiting to sew is killing me. I can’t wait!

If you purchase one of my designs, I recieve a commission. I think it’s pretty generous at 15%. If you’re thinking about trying your hand at textile design, My Fabric Designs is the place to go. Click the button below to check it out!

My Fabric Designs

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