Foxglove Tank With Full Bust Adjustment

Foxglove Tank by Selvedge Designs- with full bust adjustment

Pattern: The Foxglove Tank by Selvedge Designs

Fabric: Dusty Mountain Trails in silk crepe de chine. You can buy this print in 26 different types of fabric at My Fabric Designs.

*I designed this print and recieve a commission from My Fabric Designs when this print is purchased. Exciting!

Foxglove Tank by Selvedge Designs- with full bust adjustment

I figure you’re all tired of raglans and t-shirts all the time. Honestly, I wanted a little more of a challenge myself.

Foxglove Tank in Silk with Full Bust Adjustment

I always wanted to wear those pretty, woven tank tops but I can’t even pull them over my shoulders in RTW. Lauren from Selvedge Designs highly recommends sewing a muslin, and I agree. (Especially for the woven version.)

The Foxglove Tank pattern is perfectly true to size and includes finished measurements. If you are more proportionate than me, you might be able to just body fit the pattern to check the size.

Foxglove Tank with FBA

I knew I’d need a full bust adjustment and to add a lot of length. I made 4 muslins. Four. I never work that hard to make a garment, but I’m trying to learn new things. I’m not practiced at full bust adjustments- I’m pretty new to sewing for myself. I’ve stuck with the easy stuff mostly. Reading The Curvy Sewing Collective has really boosted my sewing confidence and made me strive for a better fit.

Foxglove Tank with FBA

As much as I wanted a tank like this, it isn’t most flattering style for my chest. I think it makes me look boxy on top. I guess I wanted to look like Lauren on her pattern cover. I won’t complain about what God gave me, because he made us all different…

I will say that my very projected bust that makes a lot of garments sit differently on me. I love wearing this tank layered up though. It’s simple and dresses up or down; plus it coordinates with practically everything I own. It’s the prettiest thing I’ve made for myself in a long time.

Foxglove Tank with FBA

So I’m going to tell you about some fit issues I had with this pattern, but I want to say for the record that these are due to my inexperience with pattern adjusting, and the actual design not working with my body type. Not in any way the fault of the pattern, which I will highly reccomend to my friends. 

After my full bust adjustment with enormous dart; I cut the back in two mirrored pieces, adding a slight curve at the small of the back. My muslins were very wide and swingy after the marathon of full bust adjusting, so it helped the shaping quite a bit. I think I could’ve pulled an even larger dart and maybe went up one size? I’m not experienced enough to know yet…but I’m going to get really good at full bust and Hulk shoulder adjustments though.

Foxglove Tank with Full Bust Adjustment

I used French hems throughout and used me-made silk crepe bias tape to bind the edges. It was a bitch but I’m so proud of the construction on my Foxglove Tank. The pattern really walks you through each step and I enjoyed sewing it. It’s a very professional pattern with nice techniques, and includes lots of helpful tips and very thorough instructions.

French Seams in silk tank

This silk crepe de chine from My Fabric Designs is dreamy. I designed the print in some of my favorite colors with Native American inspiration. I was trying for subtle teepees!

There’s a slight crispness and sheen to the crepe de chine until you pre-wash. You end up with a soft, fluid drape. I accidentally pre-washed my fabric with a load of regular clothes. Hot water, soap, and full heat drying, y’all. To my great surprise, my fabric survived with only slight fading. (I expect a little fading in silk, even with hand washing.) It’s good to know I won’t ruin my Foxglove Tank with all my abusive ways.

Silk Crepe De Chine | Dusty Mountain Trails by Amy Mayen

Working with My Fabric Designs has been awesome. I choose the garment I want to sew, then decide what type of fabric to use. After that I can pick any print I like, or design my own. No more stress trying to match my projects to my fabric. We’ve all been there right? It’s like when you have peanut butter and no jelly.

Foxglove Tank With FBA

I normally try to get pictures in soft light. It was so chilly this day that I went out in full sun. Otherwise I would’ve happily buried myself in blankets all day. I’m squinting in the light and getting thrown around by the wind. Anybody else having weather related blog photo issues? See you soon with my first me-made bra!

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New Look 6378 | 70’s Inspired Kimono

New Look 6378 Pattern Review | 70's Inspired Kimono

Here’s my New Look 6378 pattern review.

New Look 6378 Pattern Review | 70's Inspired Kimono

Before I start, I feel the need to disclaim. I sewed this kimono for spring; this is not how I would style it in real life. I’d pair it with a tank and jeans or shorts, and some sandals. Not a long sleeve thermal and work boots!

New Look 6378 Pattern Review | 70's Inspired Kimono

New Look 6378 includes top, tunic, and duster length. Choose from sleeveless or “just past the elbow” sleeves, and a curved or straight hem. The center back curves in to create some gentle shaping.

New Look 6378 Pattern Review | 70's Inspired Kimono

Size:This project is a gift, and I sewed a medium for the recipient. The size chart is true, so when I make my kimono I’ll use large or possibly extra large.

New Look 6378 Pattern Review | 70's Inspired Kimono

Overall, I’m very pleased with this pattern. It’s a quick, satisfying sew. I’m not a fan of kimono length sleeves though. The odd length makes me feel like I have inhumanly long arms. I was able to eek out a couple more inches on the sleeves, but that made the sleeves even more awkward. That wasn’t my only problem with this project. I want to make very clear that my issues were due to fabric choice and not the fault of New Look 6378. I’ll be sewing this again.

New Look 6378 Pattern Review | 70's Inspired Kimono

I had a nasty surprise when I performed a burn test and found out this fabric wasn’t the dreamy stuff I thought it was. If you look closely above, you can see the little snag that added insult to injury. It’s left of the center back seam, and it looked much worse right side out.

New Look 6378 Pattern Review | 70's Inspired Kimono

I added a back yoke to cover it, because I’m too stubborn to quit. I really love this gauzy, funky vintage print! But the pattern placement is off center…those 3 flowers should’ve been in the middle. I didn’t even notice until I had already basted and sewed the entire thing. So I was thrice pissed.

New Look 6378 Pattern Review | 70's Inspired Kimono


-Lengthened the sleeves by a few inches, that turned out weird.

-Added a back yoke, and the print is off center.

-Used French seams for the first time, as per Justine suggests in her pattern review. I’m happy I learned something new, but next time I’ll aim for really narrow, sexy French seams.

-Hemmed the edges by folding over twice and top stitching. My weird pink fabric was strangely accommodating. There’s kind of a funny hanging spot in the hem below, but it has relaxed and looks really nice now. I think fold over binding would look best, but that’s a lot of bias tape to make.

-Curved the center back seam in about another inch.

New Look 6378 Pattern Review | 70's Inspired Kimono

Textile choice is key for this kimono. Choose a light, flowy fabric. I love the movement in the next pic, although I’m not sure why I’m throwing up gang signs. What is that?!

New Look 6378 Pattern Review | 70's Inspired Kimono

I think I’m on a streak of bad sewing luck. My next project has print placement issues too. Have you guys been having trouble getting back in the groove of things this year?

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5-Way Wrap Sewing Pattern from Indygo Junction

5-Way Wrap pattern from Indygo Junction

I found the perfect sewing project to close the year with: the 5-Way Wrap from Indygo Junction.

5-Way Wrap | Sewing Pattern from Indygo Junction

This is probably my favorite garment I’ve made all year. I’m freakin’ devastated that it was promised to my sister in law. If that heifer doesn’t wear it, I will repo this cardi-jacket. I’m in love with it and plan to make several more.

5-Way Wrap Sewing Pattern from Indygo Junction

The 5-Way Wrap pattern is from Indygo Junction. This was my first time using one of Amy Barickman’s patterns and I’m very pleased. It came in a pattern sized ziplock baggie with the tissue paper pattern tucked neatly between the cover photo front and fabric requirements and stats for the back. Instructions were included in a one page folded booklet, printed on nice sturdy paper. The instructions and illustrations are more than satisfactory, although this is a pretty simple sew.

Fringe Jacket Detail with Decorative Ladder Stitch

I simplified this project further by using a decorative ladder stitch and fringing the edges, rather than using bias binding. I love fringe all the time…but it’s really appropriate for this southwestern print.

5-Way Wrap Sewing Pattern from Indygo Junction

I did use self made bias binding for the armholes. It’s a little thick with the fabric I used…either cotton or poly blended something or another. The fabric is loosely woven like a serape blanket, but much softer and drapier for apparel. One side is a bit softer than the other, like wool. Maybe its wool…I should’ve read the bolt!

5-Way Wrap Sewing Pattern from Indygo Junction

I’m enamoured with the fabric, whatever it is. The pattern calls for 2 sided fleece, flannel, wool, or linen. I’m pretty sure I need to make a red plaid flannel version, and an earth tone fleece next. I’m also curious about trying a stable sweater knit. Double sided is key since the insides will show.

5-Way Wrap Sewing Pattern from Indygo Junction

My favorite thing about the 5-Way Wrap pattern is that it’s going to be in season most of the year. Obviously it’s great for fall and winter, but in Oklahoma this little number is going to be great all the time. I really can’t have too many ponchos and wraps around here!

5-Way Wrap Sewing Pattern from Indygo Junction

This pattern comes in S/M and L/XL. I made the larger size. Most of the women’s patterns at Indygo Junction are suitable for plus sizes, and the newer patterns size up to 3XL. Another plus: they are available in PDF or paper format.

5-Way Wrap Sewing Pattern from Indygo Junction

And now I’m just being vain with all these pictures. I guess you can tell that I really love the 5-Way Wrap! (I have more pictures on Facebook and Instagram.) I highly reccomend this pattern for a quick sew that will get a ton of use. I wouldn’t plan to make it as a gift…because it’s really painful to give one away ;)

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas!

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Free Dolman Tee Pattern For Dolls

Free Dolman Tee Sewing Pattern For 18" Dolls like American Girl

Have you seen the free dolman tee pattern from Doll It Up? I sewed one up recently and thought you’d like it too.

Free Dolman Tee Pattern For 18" Dolls like American Girl

Free Dolman Tee Pattern for 18″ Dolls

I used scraps from Sofia’s Banyan Tee to make this top. The PDF pattern is available Doll It Up.

Tshirt, hoodie, jean shorts and sneakers on 18" American Girl

You really couldn’t ask for a faster doll pattern. This top sewed up in about 12 minutes.

Free Sewing Pattern For 18" Dolls

The neckband is folded under and stitched. The hem and sleeves are banded.

Free Dolman Tee sewing pattern from Doll It Up

Its perfect for scraps of fabric or old t-shirts. There are no closures since the neck opening is wide and the dolman sleeves slip easily over your dolls head. It fits lots of stuffed animals and dolls, although Baby Alive’s head is too big.

Striped Dolman Tee (free sewing pattern!)

Make sure your fabric has plefty of stretch. Anna provides tips for choosing fabric and excellent recommendations if you’re new to knits.

Zip hoodie, striped tee, shorts and sneakers for American Girl doll

I miss sewing for American Girl dolls! I keep thinking I’ll sew some things to sell, and never seem to get around to it. My niece asked me for some Barbie clothes so I made an ugly mermaid costume. I complained the whole time, although I would never tell my baby that. Barbie is just too tiny and my heart isn’t in it. I plan to buy Sofia an AG doll when she’s 5 or 6. Her Baby Alive has barely survived and her Barbies end up looking like the cast of the Walking Dead. I can’t see spending a lot yet but I’m counting the days until I can!

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Women’s Scarf Neck Cardigan by Swoon

Free sewing pattern from Swoon: Scarf Neck Cardigan

Does this scarf neck cardigan look familiar? It’s a free pdf pattern from Swoon. I made the kids version for my daughter last year, and I’ve been itching to sew another.

Free sewing pattern! Scarf Neck Cardigan by Swoon. Available in girls and women's sizes.

I actually cut two, one for me and one for a friend’s birthday. You are looking at Victoria’s cardigan, and I admit I want to steal it. Luckily, I’m almost finished sewing mine.

Free sewing pattern from Swoon: Scarf Neck Cardigan

This pattern is meant for lightweight knits. Don’t use one sided prints because the inside will show. I used a short, narrow zig zag stitch and cut the seam allowance off to reduce bulk.

Women's Scarf a neck Cardigan sewing pattern by Swoon. Free PDF sewing pattern available in women's and girls sizes.

The hem is unfinished. You could add a narrow hem if you like, but the asymetrical hem would be super tricky. Another option would be binding, but I think that would mess up the drape. The unfinished hems suit me just fine. I left my sleeves unhemmed as well.

Women's Scarf Neck Cardigan: Free PDF Sewing Pattern by Swoon

I think the princess seams give it a flattering shape! Isn’t it a great cardi for t-shirts? My daughter still wears hers a lot. See it here.

Women's Scarf Neck Cardigan by Swoon | Free Sewing Pattern!

A quick gripe about fabric: this fabric almost killed me when I first started sewing. It’s woven off grain, and has built in wrinkles. Cutting was awful. Pinning was awful. Sewing was awful. Re-pinning whilst sewing was awful. And I still have a couple yards left. Don’t get me wrong; it’s gorgeous. I love the tiny little flowers. (Not sure if you can see them.) But it will take me several years to forget how difficult is is to work with.

Free women's sewing pattern: Scarf Neck Cardigan by Swoon

Despite uncooperative fabric, this cute cardigan only took about an hour to make. I reccomend it with both thumbs up.

Scarf Neck Cardigan: Free sewing pattern by Swoon

Get the free Women’s Scarf Neck Cardigan pattern by Swoon and make yours soon! It’s absolutely perfect for fall.

Fall sewing…what patterns are you buying/sewing?

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