Scraptastic Scrundlewear

Last week I worked on some scrap-busting Scrundlewear. I wanted to sew but not commit to any big projects, so I cut about a dozen pairs for a young lady who was in need of underwear replenishment.

Scrundlewear: perfect stash busting project

While I was sewing mindlessly, I came across this post about sewing panty elastic at Emerald Erin. My fold over elastic question has been answered! I finally learned how to get a good, clean elastic finish on the waist bands and leg openings.

The pictures today are pre- f.o.e sewing revelation.

Scrundlewear: Stashbusting Panties

See the where the leg elastic joins at the sice seams? Using Erin’s technique looks so much better. Here I hid the waistband joint with a bow, but the elastic bulk bothered me so much I had to hand stitch it down later.

Scrap tactic Scrundies: Scrundlewear are perfect for scrapbusting

Now I’m all undie-judgy. These underwear are very “homemade” looking. I was trying stuff with my coverstitch- looks terrible but I learned what not to do.

Scrundlewear pattern for panties

I really don’t “knit pick” kids pants, but I plan to make nice lingerie soon. Time to hone my skills, and I might as well practice on my remaining pile of fresh cut Scrundlewear.

American Fighter t-shirt panties for toddler

This pair is my favorite. I got Bella an American Fighter shirt once and she outgrew the length immediately. I haven’t been able to shell out big bucks for a kids tee since.

Toddler panties from an American Fighter T-Shirt

It couldn’t cut a pair big enough for anyone but my niece. Her pattern is the Classic Panties from Peekaboo patterns. (*affiliate link.)

My daughter outgrew this pattern and moved up to women’s, but they were her favorite in kids sizes. In fact she made me audition a few patterns to make sure they were as comfortable as PAB Classic Panties.


Sewing panties

These panties all have self fabric lining. I didn’t have any white jersey. This can make your undies look homemade , but maybe it would look cool in contrasting colors and prints. What do you think, yay or nay?

I didn’t know I had so much to say about simple kids underwear! The whole point of this post is: Yay, I learned some new stuff and future panty sewing will be awesome. Do you have a favorite underwear sewing pattern?

The panties shown are made with the Scrundlewear pattern from Stitch Upon A Time in size XS, using the boy shorts variation. The last pair is PAB Classic panties in size 5/6 with a cinched-in waist and f.o.e.

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Boho T-Shirt Refashion | Tutorial

Boho T-shirt Refashion Tutorial

This sewing tutorial is for an easy boho top refashion. It takes less than an hour, including seam ripping! We will be opening the side seams and adding a triangle of fabric there. This will give you a looser fitting, flowy top. It’s a trendy way to update your wardrobe.

Easy Boho T-shirt Refashion (sewing tutorial)

Boho T-Shirt Refashion

Boho T-shirt Refashion | Sewing Tutorial

First we start by seam ripping. Sigh. Nobody likes seam ripping, but we gotta do it. I kept my shirt in my bag and worked on it while waiting to pick up my daughter from school. Seam rip your bottom hem and remove all the thread, as shown above.

Easy Boho T-shirt Refashion Sewing Tutorial

Now seam rip the side seams, all the way up to the armpit where the sleeve starts. Don’t rip into your sleeve seam.

Refashioned top- shoulder detail

Choose coordinating fabric for your triangle inserts. You can use a knit (stretchy) or woven (not stretchy) but it needs to be soft and drapey. The wrong fabric will make your top bulky and gross. I used peach skin fabric from Girl Charlee, which is light and flowy but easy to work with. Doesn’t it match the shoulder details perfectly?!

Easy Boho T-shirt Refashion (sewing tutorial)

Cut your fabric triangles to match the top. Measure your shirts side seam and add 5″ to get the triangle length. The width can be as wide or narrow as you like. For reference, my fabric was cut about 8″ across the bottom. I free-handed mine and ended up with a rounded triangle…don’t do that:) Measure it out and make a template for a really clean cut.

Boho T-shirt Refashion Tutorial

Pin your insert fabric and the side seam of your top, right sides together. Begin with a back-stitch in the armpit seam, then sew a straight line down to the hem. (You’ll have extra fabric on bottom.)

Boho T-shirt Refashion Tutorial

Carefully match your starting point to sew the next seam. Position your needle right where you back stitched before.

Boho T-shirt Refashion Tutorial

Cut your excess fabric into a v-shape to create a handkerchief style hem. Press and stitch. Voilà!

Boho T-shirt Refashion Tutorial

I’ve been getting creative with my wardrobe since I started my winter fluffing. It’s an epic battle to pull my jeans on every morning. At least I have some tops that don’t choke me:) Now you can make your own boho t-shirt refashion too!

Boho T-shirt Refashion Tutorial

I hope you’re all having a great Christmas season. We have done some painting inside, hung lights, and the tree is gorgeous. I’m so excited for our first Christmas in this house! I’m hoping to get all my siblings under one roof this year. That’s my wish, what’s yours?

Boho T-shirt Refashion Tutorial

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Easy Top Refashion For Fluffy Girls

Easy Top Refashion | Adding Triangle Inserts To Side Seams

I have a holiday tradition that I’ve honored for many years. I like to eat food. Not just on the holidays; but the entire winter season. I find it easier to stay warm with a bit of extra fluff, so I eat pie and my body instinctively knows what to do with it.

Easy Top Refashion | Adding Triangle Inserts To Side Seams

I know not everyone can gain weight as easily as me, and I’m not trying to brag. If you aren’t highly experienced picking up extra weight this time of year, eating sweets alone may not work. You should  add long periods of inactivity to your regime, and carbs of any sort can be beneficial as long as you don’t use moderation.

Easy Top Refashion | Adding Triangle Inserts To Side Seams

The flaw in my annual “fluffing” is that my clothes begins to cling. I like my clothing to flow rather than suffocate me. Here’s a quick refashion I made to an existing top to add a little….girth.

Easy Top Refashion For Fluffy Girls

Easy Top Refashion | Adding Triangle Inserts To Side Seams

You may notice I didn’t iron. I’m so committed that I didn’t want to burn any unnecessary calories.

T-Shirt Refashion | Adding Triangle Inserts To Side Seams

You also might notice above that my jeans are practically cutting off my circulation. I assure you that most of you can get these results with a little dedication and practice.

Easy Top Refashion | Adding Triangle Inserts To Side Seams

I like how this top turned out. Boho style is in full swing this season, which is lucky for me. (I dress sort of shabby and eclectic even when it’s not in style:) This is a cute wardrobe hack no matter how fluffy you aren’t.

T-Shirt Refashion | Adding Triangle Inserts To Side Seams

I may write a sewing tutorial for this easy top refashion soon. Many of you will be able to split the side seam and add triangle inserts without a tutorial. I’ll try to get some construction photos to make it even easier. In the meantime, check out my pattern hack to make a flowy top from scratch. You’ll find lots of refashion inspiration on my Clothing Upcycles board on Pinterest, too!


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Fake A Coverstitch With A Sewing Machine

I had a great holiday, guys! I can’t believe I was away from my blog for over a week. We were utterly lazy and spent Thanksgiving break watching movies. We did manage to drag out the Christmas ornaments though! And I finally have an excuse to write: I figured out how to fake a coverstitch with a sewing machine.

How To Fake A Coverstitch- With A Sewing Machine!

I experimented with some stitches while hemming a pair of my daughters running capris that got a hole in the knee. I wanted to make the stitches look as close to the coverstitching as possible.

How To Fake a Coverstitch With A Sewing Machine

There are decorative stitches on my machine but they didn’t work very well on this Lycra. Wanna know how I got a similar look?

How To Fake a Coverstitch With A Sewing Machine

I used twin needles on a zig zag stitch setting. I kept the standard stitch length and width, but you can experiment with your stitch size to achieve the look you want. I wish I had a brighter pink thread in stock! Try to match your thread color too:)

How To Fake a Coverstitch With A Sewing Machine

Anyhow, I may not need to fake a coverstitch with a sewing machine much longer. I have it on good authority that Santa is bringing me a machine!! I’ve wanted a coverstitcher for several years and I finally feel like my sewing merits owning one. Plus I was a really good girl and bought fabric only once this year, a tiny cut for cuffs I needed. I’ve even been destashing!

In other news, my sewing room is packed up so we can paint it. My house is a hot mess right now, but we should be done by Sunday.

My goal is to get everything set back up by the end of next week. And…to eat better because my jeans are feeling kinda tight! Do you have any holiday goals? And are your Christmas trees up yet?!!

How To Fake a Coverstitch With A Sewing Machine

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Tips & Ideas For DIY Halloween Costumes

Tips & Ideas For DIY Halloween Costumes

If you want to make a store bought costume more original, or just need to save some money this year; this post is for you. I’ve made some elaborate costumes over the years, but I think the easy DIYs and budget friendly costumes are the best. Here are some of my favorites from the past; and some tips for DIY Halloween costumes.

Tips & Ideas For DIY Halloween Costumes

Add A Cape

Tips & Ideas For DIY Halloween Costumes | Girls Comfy Batman Costume

This Batman costume was fully handmade, but you can add a superhero applique or fabric paint to any store bought tee for a super comfy costume. Or, get off the hook completely and just buy a superhero shirt. Alternatives are wizards, vampires, Zorro, Elsa, etc.

You need a cape though! I love this no sew cape tutorial and template from Jolly Mom.


Tips & Ideas For DIY Halloween Costumes | Easy Flapper Costume

Shop your own closet or thrift a suitable dress to make this adorable flapper costume. Add pearls and lace (or the entire contents of your craft room) for a sweet, 1920’s look. Variations: Wild west/saloon girl, mob boss, witch, fairy, etc.


Tips & Ideas For DIY Halloween Costumes & Tons Of DIY Ideas | Tom Sawyer & Huck Finn

Chop off pants or overalls for a Mark Twain themed costume. Every little boy has a pair of highwater pants and a dingy old t-shirt, right? Here’s my Tom & Huck Photoshoot with my gremlins nephews.

Tips & Ideas For DIY Halloween Costumes | Tom Sawyer & Huck Finn

Carry a whitewash paintbrush for Tom, or maybe a rope belt for Huck. Don’t forget a straw hat! A similar idea for girls would be long dresses, bonnets, and aprons for a Little House On The Prairie look.

Just Be A Pirate

Tips & Ideas For DIY Halloween Costumes | Easy No Sew Pirate

Pirate costumes are easy because nothing needs to be hemmed. Leave your edges raw and let them fray. Don’t bother cutting nicely. It doesn’t need to fit properly, and nothing has to match. Shop your closet.

Tips & Ideas For DIY Halloween Costumes | Easy No Sew Pirate Costume

Make a sash with a long rectangle of any fabric; an old sheet will do. Chop off pants and add a drawstring pouch for trick or treating. Cut the sleeves and hems off a shirt to make a vest. Cheap plastic swords and eyepatches are a fun addition. Use these same tips to make a hobo or rodeo clown. See my family pirate costumes for more ideas!

Glam It Up

Tips & Ideas For DIY Halloween Costumes | Girly Tin Man Costume

This DIY Tin Man costume was made with inexpensive metallic fabric. In fact, the whole outfit cost less than $20 to make! You can add a tutu and bow to a store bought costume for a cute no- sew DIY. You certainly don’t have to sew to make a glam costume. Start with sweatpants and a sweatshirt if you like. You can girlify any costume by adding ruffles and lace. Which brings me to the next tip:

Glue It

Tips & Ideas For DIY Halloween Costumes | Wicked Witch

Seriously, glue it. Tape it. Heck, staple it! This awesome Wicked Witch Costume was based on the Disney movie, Oz The Great And Powerful. I love the costumes in that film, omg.) When I couldn’t figure out how to make the winged shoulders work with a sewing machine, I got out the hot glue gun. Done in an hour!!

Tips & Ideas For DIY Halloween Costumes | Wicked Witch


Tips & Ideas For DIY Halloween Costumes

Top off any costume with a fun halloween fascinator. Or wear it to work/school and pretend to be festive if you aren’t in a costume mood. My fascinator tutorial will show you dozens of ideas to complete your look. (Or pretend to give a darn.)

Dollar store jewelry is your friend on Halloween. Dig in your kids toy box for props. Glue some yarn to a baseball cap to make a wig. Make spats or boot overs. (Maybe I’ll make a tutorial soon? It’s basically a leg warmer!)


Makeup or face paint is a given, but think outside the box. Don’t forget about temporary tattoos if it goes with your costume. Colorful hair extensions are fun. Glitter is everything.

Not for children or the feint of heart: I superglued rhinestones onto my face once. You can superglue gold gems to your teeth too. (Yes, I swear. And while I’ll be super impressed with your hardcore Halloween attitude, I assume no liability if you superglue anything to your body. Use discretion, obviously.)

Oh, zombie makeup and fake blood makes anything a costume, bonus points for an 80’s prom zombie. Iconic outfit zombies are awesome…Marilyn’s white dress, anyone?

I hope I’ve got some ideas churning in your head. I bet you can fashion a costume right now with things you already have. What’s your favorite costume you’ve made or worn?

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