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Boho T-Shirt Refashion | Tutorial

This sewing tutorial is for an easy boho top refashion. It takes less than an hour, including seam ripping! We will be opening the side seams and adding a triangle of fabric there. This will give you a looser fitting, … Continue reading

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Easy Top Refashion For Fluffy Girls

I have a holiday tradition that I’ve honored for many years. I like to eat food. Not just on the holidays; but the entire winter season. I find it easier to stay warm with a bit of extra fluff, so … Continue reading

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Fake A Coverstitch With A Sewing Machine

I had a great holiday, guys! I can’t believe I was away from my blog for over a week. We were utterly lazy and spent Thanksgiving break watching movies. We did manage to drag out the Christmas ornaments though! And I … Continue reading

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Tips & Ideas For DIY Halloween Costumes

If you want to make a store bought costume more original, or just need to save some money this year; this post is for you. I’ve made some elaborate costumes over the years, but I think the easy DIYs and … Continue reading

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DIY Crochet Lace Trimmed Shorts

Are you feeling the boho 70’s inspired fashion trends this season? If so, you’ll love wearing DIY crochet lace trimmed shorts. Let me show you how easy it is! I’m using a sewing machine, but you can easily hand stitch … Continue reading

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