Neopolitan Tank with Floral Trim | New Look 6285

I sewed a tank with ice cream colored stripes and vintage floral trim!

New Look 6285 in neutral stripes with vintage floral trim

This neopolitan tank is a redo. I read that size chart for New Look 6285 was waaaayy off when I made the first tank, so I sized down each time. For my second attempt I needed to do a full bust adjustment and I would’ve had the perfect tank.

But I didn’t end up with a perfect tank, due to laziness and cheap fabric. Mostly laziness, because I didn’t do a real FBA. More about that in a minute…

Sewing a yoked tank with vintage floral trim

I decided to use the yoked version of New Look 6285, and use some of my grandmas vintage lace stash to decorate the front. The plan was a line of crochet flowers across the seam. All was good in the world, until this:

Vintage Floral Crochet Trim

Do you see the little hole underneath the two flowers? I think it was from a pin. I used Wonder Clips* after that!  Anyhow, I only had four flowers left so I had to improvise placement.

Vintage floral crochet trim

So I ended up with this asymetrical boob thing. Which is okaaayyyy, but I liked it better before the hole. I didn’t stitch all the way around the flowers, I’m hoping they’ll stick out in a few places after I wash it.  Or is that weird?

Neopolitan Tank with Vintage Floral Trim | New Look 6285

^Sucking in as hard as I can^

While your eyes are burning from the bang-up stripe matching job, let me get back to my botched full bust adjustment. I simply sized up a bit on top and raised the armcye. I didn’t even retrace the pattern, I just laid it down and cut it where I imagined it needed to be cut. In my defense, that method works fairly often!

New Look 6285 with vintage floral trim

You can see drag lines in almost every photo.  The bust really isn’t big enough, and the armcye was a disaster. It was side-boob city. I salvaged that by using elastic lace for the arm openings, and pulling it pretty tightly across the bottom. That was a suggestion I got from a friend via email, and it helped a ton.

New Look 6285

It’ll do, but it’s not my best work. As we improve our sewing skills we get more persnickety about the fit and details of garments. I sort of miss not knowing better, sometimes.

New Look 6285

Are you hyper-critical of your work? Has sewing affected your shopping? I’ve barely made any RTW purchases in the last year because I can see all the mechanical flaws. And fit- I see fit issues that I don’t even know how to correct yet. Feel free to weigh in!

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Vintage Lace And Trim From The 70’s

Crochet trim

Last week I got the coolest gift ever: a box of vintage lace and trim from my aunt.

Vintage lace and seeing trims from the 70's

A lot of it came from my grandma’s stash. She used to keep a scrapbox under her sewing machine for me to design Barbie clothes. Thus began  my love affair with sewing. We lost grandma Vivian to leukemia when I was barely in high school. It’s nice to have this connection with her after she’s been gone so long. I’m so glad my aunt thought of me!

1970's flower trim

Most of it is yardage, and I’ll definitely be using it in some upcoming projects. I’ve had so much fun digging through it that I thought you’d like to see too.

Colorful vintage lace and trim from the 70's

Vintage sewing trims, lace and tatting from the 1970's

The colorful pieces are some of my favorites. Is the peachy colored trim (top of photo) tatting? I wonder if it was made or purchased.

Sewing: Vintage lace and trim from the 1970's

There are so,e embroidered trims too.

Vintage lace and trim from the 1970s

I looovvve crochet lace. Last year I wrote a tutorial to add crochet lace to shorts. I vaguely remember tea-dyeing with my grandma when I was very young. I wonder I helped dye any of these over a quarter century ago.

Vintage Lace And Trim from the 1970's

That makes me feel old! I hope to sew through my stash before I leave this earth. If I don’t, hopefully one of the kids takes up sewing so I can pass it down.

Vintage woven sewing trim. Packaged to prevent unraveling

Here is a woven trim, packaged to prevent unraveling. I can see me wearing it.

Vintage sewing notions: lace and trim from the 70's

lace and printed ric rac: vintage lace and trim from the 70's

This lace has really amazing details. I’ve been swooning all week because I know I’ll be putting this stuff to good use.

Vintage lace and trim from the 70's

More goodies. There is also some sequin trim (not shown) that will be excellent for costumes and crafting. There’s more than I can show here.

Vintage lace and trim from the 1970's

There’s just so much to play with. Some of it will need a quick steam. I’m excited about the white laces because, hello Rit dye.

Hope you enjoyed looking at my vintage lace and trim! How much big  is your vintage sewing stash?

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New Look 6378 | 70’s Inspired Kimono

New Look 6378 Pattern Review | 70's Inspired Kimono

Here’s my New Look 6378 pattern review.

New Look 6378 Pattern Review | 70's Inspired Kimono

Before I start, I feel the need to disclaim. I sewed this kimono for spring; this is not how I would style it in real life. I’d pair it with a tank and jeans or shorts, and some sandals. Not a long sleeve thermal and work boots!

New Look 6378 Pattern Review | 70's Inspired Kimono

New Look 6378 includes top, tunic, and duster length. Choose from sleeveless or “just past the elbow” sleeves, and a curved or straight hem. The center back curves in to create some gentle shaping.

New Look 6378 Pattern Review | 70's Inspired Kimono

Size:This project is a gift, and I sewed a medium for the recipient. The size chart is true, so when I make my kimono I’ll use large or possibly extra large.

New Look 6378 Pattern Review | 70's Inspired Kimono

Overall, I’m very pleased with this pattern. It’s a quick, satisfying sew. I’m not a fan of kimono length sleeves though. The odd length makes me feel like I have inhumanly long arms. I was able to eek out a couple more inches on the sleeves, but that made the sleeves even more awkward. That wasn’t my only problem with this project. I want to make very clear that my issues were due to fabric choice and not the fault of New Look 6378. I’ll be sewing this again.

New Look 6378 Pattern Review | 70's Inspired Kimono

I had a nasty surprise when I performed a burn test and found out this fabric wasn’t the dreamy stuff I thought it was. If you look closely above, you can see the little snag that added insult to injury. It’s left of the center back seam, and it looked much worse right side out.

New Look 6378 Pattern Review | 70's Inspired Kimono

I added a back yoke to cover it, because I’m too stubborn to quit. I really love this gauzy, funky vintage print! But the pattern placement is off center…those 3 flowers should’ve been in the middle. I didn’t even notice until I had already basted and sewed the entire thing. So I was thrice pissed.

New Look 6378 Pattern Review | 70's Inspired Kimono


-Lengthened the sleeves by a few inches, that turned out weird.

-Added a back yoke, and the print is off center.

-Used French seams for the first time, as per Justine suggests in her pattern review. I’m happy I learned something new, but next time I’ll aim for really narrow, sexy French seams.

-Hemmed the edges by folding over twice and top stitching. My weird pink fabric was strangely accommodating. There’s kind of a funny hanging spot in the hem below, but it has relaxed and looks really nice now. I think fold over binding would look best, but that’s a lot of bias tape to make.

-Curved the center back seam in about another inch.

New Look 6378 Pattern Review | 70's Inspired Kimono

Textile choice is key for this kimono. Choose a light, flowy fabric. I love the movement in the next pic, although I’m not sure why I’m throwing up gang signs. What is that?!

New Look 6378 Pattern Review | 70's Inspired Kimono

I think I’m on a streak of bad sewing luck. My next project has print placement issues too. Have you guys been having trouble getting back in the groove of things this year?

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Seashore Dress pattern by Gracious Threads

Seashore Dress pattern by Gracious a Threads: in vintage mint fabric! Love this pattern.

This is the Seashore Dress, Top, & Tunic pattern by Gracious Threads. Here’s my review!

Seashore Dress pattern by Gracious a Threads: in vintage mint fabric! Love this pattern.

I’m obsessed with Gracious Threads patterns. I’ve made the girls and womens sizes; and the Lazy Day Lounge Pants.

Here's a cute girls dress pattern to sew: the Seashore Dress by Gracious Threads. Shown in vintage mint fabric with pink accents by SewsNBows

I actually forgot I owned this pattern. Can you believe?! Either I won it a long time ago in a rafflecopter, or maybe it was in a pattern bundle. I think it’s an older pattern because the newer GT patterns have a photo and technical drawing, while the Seashore Dress just has a photo. I’m drawn towards digital illustrations because it’s easier to see seams and construction details. Maybe that’s how I passed over it for way too long?

Seashore Dress | Girls Sewing Pattern from Gracious Threads

I chose this minty green vintage fabric. It has a teeny print with pink flowers that is very hard to photograph. I’m still shooting in automatic…and I’ll probably never take the time to learn manual. I’ve just accepted it. Sigh.

Seashore Dress by Gracious Threads

I wanted a pattern that wasn’t too busy. Something with clean lines to really show off my fabric, nice construction methods, and not plain or boring. The Seashore Dress pattern delivers all that! (It’s the perfect design for border prints too.)

Shoulder Seam Button Closure: the Seashore Dress pattern by Gracious Threads

My favorite detail is the 4 button closures on the shoulders. I made a size up (5) so it’s a little big for Sofie- and I probably could’ve made one side decorative buttons only. Just a lazy girl suggestion if you cut corners like I do.

*I should’ve pressed after finishing this dress. Skipping ironing= not a good corner-cut.

Seashore Dress pattern by Gracious Threads: this pattern has clean simple lines without being boring. This would be perfect for border prints, and the shoulder details are so pretty.

The neckline is finished with bias tape. This keeps the dress really light and airy. It would be very simple to line it if you prefer. I let my bias tape hang over the edge a bit for a bit of contast, and used it to finish the sleeves as well.

Cap sleeve and button closure shoulder detail: a Seashore Dress pattern from Gracious Threads

Speaking of the sleeves, those are my next favorite thing. It’s…the perfect amount of capped-ness. I love capped sleeves but I don’t like them too cappy. This dress pattern is classic.

Seashore Dress: pattern by Gracious Threads

Confession: these images are over exposed so eyes look dark. This picture was so creepy I had to crop it. In this particular photo; my niece looked like a scary little girl that crawled out of a well. You saw that movie, right? I really should take a photography class.

Seashore Dress pattern by Gracious Threads

If you’re a regular visitor here, you may have noticed Sofias expression is somewhat pensive. She’s normally super smiley and pretty much a total ham. That’s because she had an ulterior motive. The entire (4 minutes) duration of this photo shoot, she was edging closer to the tire swing.

Seashore Dress pattern by Gracious Threads

My poor baby. It’s almost never left unattended; so she had to seize the opportunity. She worked her way toward it slowly, under the guise of taking pictures of her new dress. If she had made a run for it, it’s a certainty that her bigger, faster brothers and cousins would’ve beelined and got there first.

Tire Swing

I don’t stage photos real well, preferring to keep it quick and let the child be the creative director. I really enjoyed being behind the camera on this one. It was fun to watch her strategy. Her sneakiness was military level. I was impressed. If you scroll back up and look at her face, you’ll see what I’m talking about! She was on a mission to get that tire swing.

Seashore Dress pattern by Gracious Threads

Pattern: Seashore Dress, Top, & Tunic by Gracious Threads; size 2T-8
Fabric: vintage mint floral from stash
Details: bias tape neck and sleeve finishing, pink buttons for shoulder closure. I made size 5, model is size 4 according to size chart.

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Vintage Floral Rollerskate Dress + Farm Update

Vintage floral watercolor print dress with studded suede flats

The first project I cut since we moved: a vintage floral Rollerskate Dress!

A vintage floral dress for the farmers baby. Oliver + S Rollerskate Dress pattern | SewsNBows

The fabric isn’t new; I made myself a Lucinda Skirt with it back in the day.

Vintage floral dress, Oliver + S sewing patterns

I’ll be sewing from stash this year, because I have an awesome sewing space with way too much fabric getting in the way of creating a beautiful, efficient sewing studio.

Vintage floral dress made with the Rollerskate Dress pattern from Oliver + S

It’s been 3 weeks in our new home. Farm life is everything I expected it to be. Lots and lots of hard work. Quiet. My daughter is getting her confidence back at school. I’m getting strong. I’m sore on the days I don’t get out and cut down trees or dig a compost bin or haul brush. We still haven’t plugged in our TVs; and I can’t say we’ve missed them yet.

Beautiful girls dress pattern: the Rollerskate Dress by Oliver + Sin vintage floral fabric

We can’t even see the Jones, so no sense bothering to keep up with them. I feel more connected to the world; which is strange because we are further away from people. You get up earlier here; because the roosters see to it that you do. It’s a simple, happy life. With slow internet service.

Country inspired floral watercolor print dress

We have had cousins out every weekend so far. My niece and nephews are my babies. Maybe everyone knows I’ll flip out if I don’t see them for longer than 7 days. Maybe the kids miss me and pester their parents all week to come to out here on Friday. Probably both; but it’s working and we’re going to stick to what works.

Vintage floral watercolor print dress with studded suede flats

Sofie loves the ranch. I told the kids a bedtime story about all the farm animals and a big adventure they had with the farmers baby. Somewhere along the way, she decided she was the star of that story; and it stuck. When I see her in this dress, she IS the farmers baby!

Watercolor floral vintage fabric

Pattern: Oliver + S Rollerskate Dress

Fabric: watercolor floral, vintage

Stats: I sized up for Spring & summer. This is a size 5.

Cute sewing pattern for girls: Rollerskate Dressby Oliver + S

You’ll see lots of dresses for my niece this spring and summer. I don’t think I could use up all my one yard cuts of fabric, even if I sew her a dress every day this year. But still, sewing through what I have is the goal. My godson Cruz is going to get a new sibling, and this will be my baby too! Is it wrong that I’m desperately wishing for a girl? I don’t think I can get many dresses out of 1 yard for Sofia next year…for the sake of my stash busting; I need a girl!

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