Teacup Pig Pajamas

Teacup Pig Pajamas

Here’s the story behind the teacup pig pajamas I made for my sweet little daughter. I saw a horrible video online about little piggies getting tortured at a slaughter house. It devastated me. Me, who thinks of livestock as food and clothing. I’m not a bleeding heart; I love the heck out of bacon. It’s yummy. But this video…it ruined it for me. I can’t tolerate that kind of cruelty to any living creature.

So around that time; I’m comforting my daughter about the fact that we have to list our house and move. I hate the city, and our area is getting worse. We are looking at blueprints and land…but it could take forever to sell and build. I’m just getting her prepared. She’s sad because she doesn’t want to leave her friends.

Brilliant mom decides to try to sell the eventual move with a promise of a pig. A pet teacup pig, when we get the new house. They’re tiny, and cute. They can be potty trained!

Except it wasn’t that brilliant. Turns out, teacup pigs from the best breeders can get up to 200 lbs. And if you aren’t careful; a scammer will sell you a regular pig that can get up to 600 lbs!

I’m not usually so careless. I’m real serious about not lying to my kid. I don’t threaten punishments without following through. I don’t tell her I’ll take her somewhere or do something and change my mind. I keep my promises. This isn’t a case of spoiled rotten kid either. We don’t do frivolous spending. I broke a cardinal mom rule; and used a cop-out to make my kid happy. I messed up!

I’ve got time on my side, but Bella shows no signs of letting up about the pig. Now hubby and I are discussing where to put the pig pen. And we are going to be feeding a pig that will never grow up to be bacon. Sigh. I think I’ve gotten myself into a pickle. The way I see it, I can either become a liar, or follow through. Do any of you have experience with pet pigs?

I made these teacup pig pajamas before I realized how much research I need to do to own one. (I’ll be a liar before I’ll get a pet that isn’t taken care of properly.) The pants are self drafted and the top is the Flashback Skinny Tee pattern. The fabric is a thermal knit, and I didn’t have any ribbed knit for the cuffs. So I just used elastic for the sleeves and leg openings. I used a fold over hem for the neckline. I’m pretty happy with them because my last self-drafted pajamas were a sad, sad joke.

I wish you all the merriest Christmas! To all my bloggy friends, you mean so much to me. I’m going to be all mushy and confess that you guys fulfill something that I didn’t even know was missing in me. Big hugs!

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  1. jean marie

    Um. One more thought to research – many localities have laws prohibiting livestock (even ones kept as pets). My town is one. I found out because I have some interest in having chickens, some day, and chickens are considered livestock.

    Another alternate thought…guinea pigs! sweet, smaller…or maybe rabbits ?

    Good luck!

  2. domestic bliss squared

    Lol!! My mom made this mistake once and told me if I won a giveaway for a free cat from our local humane society she would consider it “an act of God” and would get me a free cat. Guess who won 20 minutes later? What can you do *shrugs* it was God’s will!

    That being said, I think it’s good to also model what can happen when you make a mistake and promise something you can’t actually do. I mean, adults do it all the time! And it’s good to show kids that some promises change when life changes, but that doesn’t make for a dishonest person.

    Off my soap box! Adorable jammies! You did a great job self-drafting the pants for sure!
    domestic bliss squared recently posted…Hearty Buttermilk Style Gluten-Free PancakesMy Profile

  3. Ajaire

    Yes that’s definitely a pickle. I’ve heard good things about pet pigs, but I second the chicken idea. They are fairly easy pets and you might get one that’ll lay so bonus :)
    Honestly I’ve always wanted a pigmy goat so I’m probably not much help here. Merry Christmas Amy!
    Ajaire recently posted…Stuffed Animal Harness – Great Stocking StufferMy Profile

  4. Pam @Threading My Way

    A potty trained pig… LOL!!! Maybe just talk to Bella and tell her that you forgot to do your research before making the promise. Sounds like you’re always consistent with following through, so she’ll understand, although maybe not immediately. Cute pyjamas!!!

    Merry Christmas, Amy. Have a fabulous day!!! Hugs from Down Under.
    Pam @Threading My Way recently posted…Friendship Bracelet Kit…My Profile

  5. Amy of while wearing heels

    Another post with an unexpected ending. I loved your ending because that’s how I feel about blogging and my blogging friend, of which you are included :)

    These pjs are adorable. Grace loves pigs…I don’t think she comprehends that’s where bacon comes from! Anyways, super cute jammies. I could see how going back on your word to that face would be hard. Who knew teacup would refer to something that could one day be 200 pounds. Crazy!

    Merry Christmas!
    Amy of while wearing heels recently posted…The Big Christmas Card RevealMy Profile

  6. Angela Bullard

    Now you know why I don’t eat meat :). I’m not opposed to people eating it but think it needs I be done in a more civilized manner. Truth be told I probably wouldn’t eat it anyway (I tend to over think things, plus I have texture issues).

    The pjs are adorable and I think it’s awesome that your trying your hardest to follow through on your promise. I am sad to know you will be moving though :(
    Angela Bullard recently posted…What I Can Show YouMy Profile

  7. Mel

    I have a story of my cousins pet pig but for the sake of a merry Christmas I won’t tell you. Maybe just sit Bella down and be honest that you didn’t know they got that big, since you not make a habit of it I’m sure she will get over it. Sell her on chickens which she can imprint and they’ll follow her around.

    Pjs are adorable merry Christmas my awesome friend, so glad we crossed paths xxxooo
    Mel recently posted…The Great Aussie Christmas!My Profile

  8. Gina

    Adorable Jammie’s! they look warm and comfy!! Your self drafting skills were spot on!!!


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