The Big Round Barn on Historical Route 66

The Big Round Barn on Historical Route 66

I did some sightseeing this weekend and wanted to give you a tour of the Big Round Barn on Historical Route 66. You can see more photos and read about the Big Round Barn’s history at The old photos and restoration process are beautiful.

Tour of The Big Round Barn on Historic Route 66
photo credit to Arcadia Historical Society

We’ve listed our house in the city and the place we want is minutes from here. We got an offer this weekend and we went for a Sunday drive to mull it over. I’ll tell you about while I show you iPhone pics of some interesting things at The Big Round Barn.

Katy Railroad baggage wagon, found in the Katy Depot on Route 66 in Arcadia, Oklahoma

Katy Railroad baggage wagon, found in the Katy Depot on Route 66 in Arcadia, Oklahoma

It’s really scary to sell our house without being sure that we’ll get the farm we want. There will be a period of time in between selling our house and buying our new house where I’m not sure where we’ll live.

Antique Corn Sheller : The a Big Round Barn on Historic Route 66

Sometimes I wonder if we’re crazy to uproot our lives. Construction is heading this direction, so it makes sense financially.  We’ve been feeling like we want a slower, simpler life. Tired of the hustle and bustle.

John Deere horse breaking plow at The Big Round Barn on historic Route 66

I can’t wait for my little girl to be in a classroom with 15 kids or less.

Horse Drawn Potato Planter at the Big Round Barn on Historical Route 66

And you know, the airs smells different outside the city. It’s so fresh and clean! I’m also trying to be funny; because I’m about to show you photos of a restored outhouse.

Outhouse, originally on Main Street in Arcadia Oklahoma

Outhouse, originally on a Main Street in Arcadia

Outhouse at The Big Round Barn on Route 66

Now we climb upstairs and go inside The Big Round Barn. This is the ceiling:

Ceiling of The Big Round Barn in Arcadia, Ok

Hubby had to sit down and admire that for a minute.

Admiring The Big Round Barn on Route 66

As a craftsman, you’d have to appreciate how it was constructed. Green wood was soaked and placed into special jigs at the sawmill that was built just for putting up this barn.

Loft area of the Big Round Barn

It reminds me of the old adage, “Anything worth having is worth waiting for.”

View of Route 66 from The Big Round Barn in Arcadia

View of Route 66 from The Big Round Barn in Arcadia

Anything worth having is also worth working for.


one of the original saw blades that built the Big Round Barn

Here is a framed photo of the Big Round Barn on Historic Route 66 before the restoration:

Framed photo of The Big Round Barn before restoration

I’m so glad someone thought it was important and beautiful. I still have the downstairs museum and gift shop to show you, but I’ll save it for another day. It’s been harder to sew lately, and I might need an excuse to come say hello if I have to pack up my sewing machine.

Until next time!

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  1. Mel

    Hey an offer that great news, I love the barn, amazing workmanship. Outhouse here is called a dunny and they’re still about in the country, no way in hell I’d be happy with that!
    Mel recently posted…10 things I’ve never told you beforeMy Profile

  2. Cindy

    Exciting going ons for you and your family, Amy. Best of luck making decisions and moving. When I was pregnant with Kayleen, we sold our condo and ended up living with my parents for a couple of months until we could close on our new home. It was scary being essentially homeless (especially being pregnant and then having a newborn) but it was well worth it in the end.;)
    Cindy recently posted…Sandbox LoveMy Profile

  3. gina

    wow, the barn is just gorgeous; i love that ceiling and the wood floors!! Looks like a fun afternoon and i hope you guys were able to settle decisions in your mind after your drive!!
    gina recently posted…Finish It Up Friday : A Little Mug RugMy Profile


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