Better Homes & Gardens Sewing Book From The Late 60’s

Better Homes & Gardens Sewing Book From The Late 60’s

I have a new Saturday addiction. It’s shopping at Bad Granny’s Bazaar. It’s not a thrift store, not quite a boutique, and not quite a craft show either. But it’s definitely somewhere in between, with items ranging from vintage clothing and patterns, vintage Barbies and toys, to custom painted ceramic tiles and antique furniture.

This is what I found!!!!

Then, when I opened it up, I found all these handwritten notes and resources tucked inside!!

Reading through the book, (which was wonderfully cared for) I realized more than ever that we live in an era of “disposable” clothing. Clothing is made so cheaply in foreign countries, ( often by children and indentured slaves) that it’s cheaper to buy that than to make your own.

Fabric is expensive. Sewing takes time. Time and money are two things that many of us don’t have. That’s why I love giving a handmade gift. It’s my love language.

But just 40 years ago, women made their clothing and home decor. It was practical and economical. They made clothing to last. (they made everything to last back then!) Check out this chapter.

“Designing Clothes That Grow”. A whole chapter on how to get an extra year or two out of your garments. When a garment couldn’t be let out anymore, it still didn’t go to waste. A shirt would be turned into a pillow or book bag.

Nowadays,sewing is an expensive habit. Especially if you love designer fabric. (guilty!) I love repurposing old clothing, but now I’m going to make an even bigger effort to repurpose, reuse, and upcycle things around my house. If I can pinch a few pennies here and there, great. Maybe Bella can pick up some tricks of the trade too.

Keep coming back this week, and I’ll find some creative “penny pinchers” we can try together.

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Amy Mayen

Hello. I'm Amy and I'm addicted to sewing. I borderline-hoard fabric, buttons, & patterns. Sometimes I wish I could pile my fabric up on the floor and just roll in it!


  1. Valerie

    Just want to “thank you” for buying the BH&G Sewing Book from my vintage booth at Bad Granny’s. I bought it at an estate sale because it was just too cool. When I got home and started looking through it, all those handwritten notes, etc. fell out. At first I was going to just recycle them, then decided to put them back in the book. Was hoping that whoever bought the book would find them as interesting as you have! You can tell whoever owned that book loved to sew! I also brought in some patterns and lots of rolled vintage fabric. Most of the fabrics are from the 70’s. Check them out when you get a chance. And thank you for your purchase. We vendors at Bad Granny’s Bazaar absolutely love our customers! Thanks again and happy sewing!

    • Amy Mayen

      Well, I also bought a roll of vintage fabric! Its white with a blue print, it has a bit of a stretch to it, and its textured. ( i cant think of the name, i havent had a textiles class in years!)I haven’t decided what to make from it yet. It’s sitting there taunting me. I absolutely love your booth, and will probably be your biggest buyer of patterns. I only get to come in once a week on Saturdays,& I look forward to it so much. I’m sort of in shock to get a personal note from you, (i didnt know anyone read my blog) and i think it’s insanely cool to know a little about where the book came from. To do what you do, I know you must have that same appreciation of vintage that I have. I’m so glad I have the book, I treasure it! I’ve even learned a couple tricks from it that will be on my Friday blog. looking forward to coming by this weekend!


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