Tootsie Pop Doll Nightie

Tootsie Pop Doll Nightie

My Tootsie Pop Doll Nightie is made with the Sugar Plum Nightgown pattern from Peekaboo Pattern Shop. It has a sweet girls nightgown and a little matching doll pattern as a bonus. I had some leftover fabric from Bella’s Tootsie Pop Nightie.

So matching doll pajamas! If you didn’t read the post about that nightgown, my daughter designed it. I repeat: I accept no responsibility for that craziness.

Unrelated: Dance season has begun. We are in a new dance studio. I get to sit in a new lobby with a new herd of moms weekly. They are different typeS of moms than I’m used to. There are 2 rival mom crews. I’ve named them Granola Crew and Bourgeoisie Crew.

Granola Crew all have healthy organic snacks packed neatly in their bags. They don’t want me. They saw when Bella said she was hungry…I pulled a crusty old piece of candy out my purse and told her, “Man up. We’ll grab some burgers after.” I’m pretty sure I heard some gasps. Hey, we’ll eat some bean paste later to make up for it. (Not really though.)

Bourgeoisie Crew…Maybe they thought a was a new recruit at first. That was until I laid across 4 chairs with my Vogue, smacking bubble gum. A whole hour with no obligations- I’m gonna chill my way.

I think maybe they were trying to impress me with their loud conversations. They each took turns bragging but I’m not sure any of them listened; it seemed like they were just each waiting for their turn to speak.

Bella just likes to dance. I should try to play nice since she’s obviously going to keep dragging me to these places. A part of me just wants to show up next week in sweatpants carrying a bucket of fried chicken. That would be entertainment!!!

I’m totally exaggerating y’all. Those moms probably aren’t that bad. I’m not really teasing in the sprit of meanness- more like laughing at my own inadequacy, ha ha! But honestly, I think I’m doing okay. We all choose different battles. That’s our prerogative as moms, to choose what principles are important to us and install them in our kids. My resume looks pretty nice on paper, but it’s not a definition of me. What’s real is what happens inside my home.

“Your reputation is what you’re perceived to be,
Your character is what you really are”

― John Wooden

My character likes snickers and lasagne.

After this week I’ll resume my “hide in the car” routine. It’s nice to have a whole hour to catch up on blog reading:)

I’m an affiliate of Peekaboo Patterns. That means if you make a purchase from my link, I’ll receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

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Amy Mayen

Hello. I'm Amy and I'm addicted to sewing. I borderline-hoard fabric, buttons, & patterns. Sometimes I wish I could pile my fabric up on the floor and just roll in it!


  1. Lisa Nelson

    I am loving the fabric. It is so very cute! You are really great with the doll designs.

  2. Mel

    You’re hilarious we’d be the best dance mums together, lol! I was so happy when Elizabeth lost interest I wouldn’t belong to either crew either. I love the dolls nighty I think Bella has impeccable taste!

  3. Jessica Christian

    The duckling PJ’S are so adorable. I love what you have created! This has dazzled up the dolls. The story telling that you have did is also like an extra spicing up factor. Great job, love.

    Jessica x

  4. Jessica Christian

    The duckling PJ’S are so adorable. I love what you have created! This has dazzled up the dolls. The story telling that you have did is also like an extra spicing up factor. Great job, love.

    Hugs & kisses
    Jessica x

  5. Ajaire

    This whole thing cracks me up. The tootsie madness designed by your girl (which I love!), the dance moms, you hiding in your car. :)
    But seriously an hour to yourself is no joke. I’d be popping my gum too.

  6. Amy of while wearing heels

    I absolutely adore you. I love that you keep it real and make me laugh while doing just that. I wish I could make a dance mom friend just like you. Grace starts on Tuesday. I typically avoid the dance moms and hang out with the senior citizens on the track :)…that’s how I roll. But the thought of sweat pants and a bucket of chicken sounds even better :)

  7. Meg Jewell

    Amy, There is a lot of truth in what you write – a herd of Mom’s indeed! You crack me up. I think you are brave, and hysterical. Here I was expecting a tame doll blog and I find a wild woman. This is great. By the way, the tootsie roll pj’s are cute.

  8. Joe

    Amy…..You have absolutely the “Best” Blog Posts! You have a way of putting everyday life into a comical form with the added bonus of sewing thrown in.

  9. Janlynn

    The dolls are just adorable and so are you. Your daughter must be so happy! Matching clothes are the best.
    I have been a hockey mom, foamer mom, dance mom, and a horse mom. It is always the same. The gossip and the drama. Try to find one person you like and stay out of a group.
    I have made costumes for dance studios and been behind the glass. I’ve witnessed some scary and abusive situations. At the barn, if I hadn’t been hanging around I would never have heard the owner scream and swear in front of the kids. The “drop and go moms” don’t have a clue what’s happening.

  10. thisblogisnotforyou

    Awww, this little nightie is super cute! The pattern combination might be a little out there, but your daughter definitely had the edgy thing going. can’t wait what she comes up with next!!

  11. Pam @Threading My Way

    Where were you for the 16 years I was a dancing Mum? That’s right, on the other side of the world and probably a dancing kid yourself. I used to sit in the car, entertaining the boys, when she was little and as she grew older, used to duck out and do the weekly shopping, trying really hard not to be late.

  12. Kimber

    Adorable! I kinda want the tootsie pop one in an adult size!

  13. Rachel

    They’re very cute! She’s got some well dressed dolls. Yep choose your own battles, you also never know how you’re being perceived. You could be the super cool mom that everyone is intimidated by :)

  14. Gina

    Adorable Jammie’s!! I want a pair of the duckie ones!! Number 1 most requested meal at my house is…..lasagne, hold the bean paste. I do sneak puréed veggies into the sauce I make but my kids always try to bust me on it :). Have a fun weekend!!

  15. Buttons

    They are going to be so cute in their matching jammies!

    I know what you mean about dance moms. It took a good month of Miss O being in dance before any of the moms even acknowledged that I was there, and then it was only because one of them had just started selling Thirty One and wanted me to buy stuff from her. Eventually I made really good friends with one of them, I think they were on vacation when we started, and then they all at least said hello, but…now we are moving to a new class and I am afraid of the scary moms again! I just bring my book and bury my nose in it the whole time. Even better now that I have a kindle and don’t have to be embarrassed at the smut I’m usually reading!


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