Tutorial : Patching Jeans

Tutorial : Patching Jeans

Sometimes I wish I was born in a simpler time, when my love for design and sewing would actually stretch the family dollar. But, fabric is expensive, and I’m going to keep buying it…so….this week I’ll be sharing some tips and tricks I’ve picked up -that really do put some money back in my pocket. (And help assuage my guilt.)

Mending your clothing is the first money saver that came to mind when I began writing this weeks’ series. My husband constantly ruins his pants at work, so I fix them. If you look at the pair in the title photo above, you’ll notice I’ve already had to mend this pair in the crotch!

I was going to make a quick tutorial to show you how I fix them. (the lazy way) But really….there’s a million tutorials on YouTube and Pinterest already. So I’ve scoured the web for you, and found you a much better demo than I would’ve made.

And its really not lazy, just simpler than darning and some other methods. This is similar to how I do it, except I use denim for the patch. You can also use a fusible patch, but if you sew you probably already have suitable scraps.

Adventures In Dressmaking – Patching Jeans Tutorial

Below are some other links to patch ideas I’ve posted for you to enjoy. These are more decorative. Patches are trending right now for children and adults. They aren’t just for function….you can add a little swag to your wardrobe using these techniques. Did I just say swag?

Diary of a Quilter- Cute Patches for Kids Jeans

Blog.Magezine Monster Patch Jeans

I Just Might Explode- Tweed Patch DIY

Hope you enjoy!

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