Tween Sewing Project For Boys |Hangout Hoodie

Tween Sewing Project For Boys |Hangout Hoodie

I have a tween sewing project- for boys! This is my Hangout Hoodie for the November Flip This Pattern series at Francis Suzanne’s.

Meet my nephew Julian, Sofie’s oldest brother. He is modeling his Hangout Hoodie at the basketball court today. (I love his freckles. They are just right.)

So here’s the thing. Julian is 6 years old. A tween is defined as age 9-15, and tween sewing is considered bigger than a child’s size 8, but not yet an adult size.

This kid wears an 8 or 10 already. This hoodie is a size 10. I don’t know what we fed our kids when they were babies, but they’re enormous. Our kids look like they are one of your kids for breakfast. It’s not even normal. So I decided Julian is a tween; and he couldn’t be more excited. (He thinks he needs a cell phone now. Sheesh.)

In colder weather months, you can line the hood for extra warmth.

Another reason why I’m classifying this as tween sewing: Julian is fashion conscience and super picky. He’s not going to be caught dead in anything less than hip. I’ve got a lot of tween sewing coming up, and I have lots of tips and help for you if your little booger is getting to that age.

Or size.

Or mood.

“Tween” is all of those things.

In the meantime; I’d love you to check out Tween Fashion Sewing, and shoot me an email if you’d like to contribute to this Pinterest board! We tween sewists need each other. It’s a whole new ball game sewing for bigger kids.

I used Girl Charlee fabric for Julian’s hangout hoodie. No freaking way did I tell him the fabric came from there, or he would’ve yanked it off and never wore it again. Only because of the word girl. That will change when his age catches up to his size :)

I didn’t have much of the fabric, but it’s super soft and stretchy. It shrank quite a bit when I washed it. Sometimes knits do that.

For the flip, I added a super top secret zipper pocket. I used an exposed zipper, which sort of negates the whole “top secret” thing. Not to mention, I didn’t have enough fabric left to put match the stripes. Or enough to put it on grain! (Measure your fabric before you pre wash.)

But I love the way it turned out, and so does Julian. And I’m sticking with “top secret zipper pocket”, because it gave me sewing cred to this kid. He thinks I can make parachutes and crap. So. I’m going with it.

I made a dress version for my daughter too. I really like this pattern, and wish it had bigger sizes! You can buy the Hangout Hoodie pattern here. My brats wear theirs pretty often. Thanks for reading!

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Hello. I'm Amy and I'm addicted to sewing. I borderline-hoard fabric, buttons, & patterns. Sometimes I wish I could pile my fabric up on the floor and just roll in it!


  1. Zoe

    Wow, I would not have thought he was six! I was a bit like that too, I was way taller than most of the ids in my year level when I was 6, but now it’s all evened out a bit and I’m “slightly taller than average”. You are spoilt for choice for great indie/commercial tween patterns so good luck with it!
    Zoe recently posted…Growing The StashMy Profile

  2. Mel

    LOL my boys still wouldn’t wear it if it had girl in it. Julian looks so handsome in his hoodie and has done a lovely job modelling :)
    Mel recently posted…Mini Christmas WreathsMy Profile

  3. Frances Suzanne

    VERY VERY HIP INDEED, Julian!! That ‘top secret pocket’ is flat-out awesome, and the freckles are over the top cute :)!
    Frances Suzanne recently posted…November My Profile

  4. Gina

    Size 12 for a 5 year old?? He is a big boy!! You have been a busy gal!! My favorite part is the secret pocket; I think the stripes not lining up add a design element :)

  5. ingrid@nowathomemom

    ah! he is just as adorable as his little sister :-)
    & wow! you did a great job Amy, every time I shop for Nate, I never know what to get him, I will be looking for hoodies now :-) the green pops up very nice against the grey; nice combo! :-)
    he wants a phone already? ah! these kids! :-)
    ingrid@nowathomemom recently posted…Dining Room Makeover and ORC challenge week 6My Profile

  6. Jenya

    I love the pocket the way it is. The zipper is cool, and the pocket would totally accommodate a mobile phone (do not tell him I said that, you will not hear the end of it haha). I am starting to believe I have a 3 y.o. tween haha Picky and all you say? Ha! Back to the hoodie though – it is super! The colours are great, and I love the splash of green on grey. I must also note that little people in your family totally rock their outfits! Do you have special training for them or something? Well done, thanks for sharing :)

  7. Teresa

    This turned out great! I could see my little man wearing it….anything with a hood gets a thumbs up from him!
    Teresa recently posted…Cargo Duffle BagMy Profile

  8. Amy of while wearing heels

    I love that hidden pocket. The hoodie does look hip and cool. Glad it met with a seal of approval. I’d love to see the next one with the lined hooded. That would take it to a whole other level. I laughed when I read the name of the fabric and how you kept that a secret. You are a smart lady.
    Amy of while wearing heels recently posted…While Wearing Heels Etsy UpdateMy Profile


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