Vintage Floral Rollerskate Dress + Farm Update

Vintage Floral Rollerskate Dress + Farm Update

The first project I cut since we moved: a vintage floral Rollerskate Dress!

A vintage floral dress for the farmers baby. Oliver + S Rollerskate Dress pattern | SewsNBows

The fabric isn’t new; I made myself a Lucinda Skirt with it back in the day.

Vintage floral dress, Oliver + S sewing patterns

I’ll be sewing from stash this year, because I have an awesome sewing space with way too much fabric getting in the way of creating a beautiful, efficient sewing studio.

Vintage floral dress made with the Rollerskate Dress pattern from Oliver + S

It’s been 3 weeks in our new home. Farm life is everything I expected it to be. Lots and lots of hard work. Quiet. My daughter is getting her confidence back at school. I’m getting strong. I’m sore on the days I don’t get out and cut down trees or dig a compost bin or haul brush. We still haven’t plugged in our TVs; and I can’t say we’ve missed them yet.

Beautiful girls dress pattern: the Rollerskate Dress by Oliver + Sin vintage floral fabric

We can’t even see the Jones, so no sense bothering to keep up with them. I feel more connected to the world; which is strange because we are further away from people. You get up earlier here; because the roosters see to it that you do. It’s a simple, happy life. With slow internet service.

Country inspired floral watercolor print dress

We have had cousins out every weekend so far. My niece and nephews are my babies. Maybe everyone knows I’ll flip out if I don’t see them for longer than 7 days. Maybe the kids miss me and pester their parents all week to come to out here on Friday. Probably both; but it’s working and we’re going to stick to what works.

Vintage floral watercolor print dress with studded suede flats

Sofie loves the ranch. I told the kids a bedtime story about all the farm animals and a big adventure they had with the farmers baby. Somewhere along the way, she decided she was the star of that story; and it stuck. When I see her in this dress, she IS the farmers baby!

Watercolor floral vintage fabric

Pattern: Oliver + S Rollerskate Dress

Fabric: watercolor floral, vintage

Stats: I sized up for Spring & summer. This is a size 5.

Cute sewing pattern for girls: Rollerskate Dressby Oliver + S

You’ll see lots of dresses for my niece this spring and summer. I don’t think I could use up all my one yard cuts of fabric, even if I sew her a dress every day this year. But still, sewing through what I have is the goal. My godson Cruz is going to get a new sibling, and this will be my baby too! Is it wrong that I’m desperately wishing for a girl? I don’t think I can get many dresses out of 1 yard for Sofia next year…for the sake of my stash busting; I need a girl!

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  1. Victoria

    I love this fabric! Lovely, lovely dress!

  2. Cami Graham

    Oh my heavens. I am drooling over this dress (and girl). The fabric is perfect. The style is perfect. Well done!!

  3. Maartje Quilt

    So cute!!! The girl and the dress. Beautiful pictures.

  4. Amy of While Wearing Heels

    I love that you haven’t plugged in any TVs but you did plug in your sewing machine. This dress is adorable. Your property looks AMAZING. And, the picture you painted of ranch life sounds blissful.
    Amy of While Wearing Heels recently posted…Christmas CardsMy Profile

  5. Gina

    I love this dress!!! Your fabric may be vintage but you are right on trend as watercolor fabric is this springs trend! It is so pretty and Sof looks gorgeous!!!! What a great plan to sew through your stash and make a bunch of dresses!!! My fingers will be crossed that you get a new little girl to sew for as Sofie is growing up waaaaay too quickly! Have fun Farmer Amy :)

  6. Donna

    Amy the dress is darling. I am so glad you are enjoying life on the farm. It sounds wonderful. Keep sewing through your stash. You will need to get creative and use patterns that will enable you to use a couple of contrasting fabrics. You will do great. Babies are fun. Girls or boys.

  7. Cindy

    Glad that you’re enjoying life on the farm! Sounds like a perfect fit for your family.:)

    The dress is so pretty! I think that floral is perfect for the Rollerskate pattern.
    Cindy recently posted…Ottobre Design Moto JacketMy Profile

  8. Annie

    Pretty dress! I like this fabric as a little girl’s dress, so sweet. You are sewing size 5 for Sofie now? Wow she has grown! And it looks like your farm house is a great place for photo shoot :)
    Annie recently posted…Mademoiselle Tee Dress for Little MomoMy Profile

  9. Pam @Threading My Way

    Love your Roller Skate dress, Amy – great fabric choice and I like the style. Will have to check that one out. Oliver + s patterns are really good. Lovely to have a glimpse of farm life. It’s all sounding good – well, not so much the slow Internet, but everything else. You’ll have wonderful backdrops for your photos, now.
    Pam @Threading My Way recently posted…Drawstring Gift Bag Tutorial ~ Ho Ho Ho Link PartyMy Profile


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