Vintage Lace And Trim From The 70’s

Vintage Lace And Trim From The 70’s

Last week I got the coolest gift ever: a box of vintage lace and trim from my aunt.

Vintage lace and seeing trims from the 70's

A lot of it came from my grandma’s stash. She used to keep a scrapbox under her sewing machine for me to design Barbie clothes. Thus began  my love affair with sewing. We lost grandma Vivian to leukemia when I was barely in high school. It’s nice to have this connection with her after she’s been gone so long. I’m so glad my aunt thought of me!

1970's flower trim

Most of it is yardage, and I’ll definitely be using it in some upcoming projects. I’ve had so much fun digging through it that I thought you’d like to see too.

Colorful vintage lace and trim from the 70's

Vintage sewing trims, lace and tatting from the 1970's

The colorful pieces are some of my favorites. Is the peachy colored trim (top of photo) tatting? I wonder if it was made or purchased.

Sewing: Vintage lace and trim from the 1970's

There are so,e embroidered trims too.

Vintage lace and trim from the 1970s

I looovvve crochet lace. Last year I wrote a tutorial to add crochet lace to shorts. I vaguely remember tea-dyeing with my grandma when I was very young. I wonder I helped dye any of these over a quarter century ago.

Vintage Lace And Trim from the 1970's

That makes me feel old! I hope to sew through my stash before I leave this earth. If I don’t, hopefully one of the kids takes up sewing so I can pass it down.

Vintage woven sewing trim. Packaged to prevent unraveling

Here is a woven trim, packaged to prevent unraveling. I can see me wearing it.

Vintage sewing notions: lace and trim from the 70's

lace and printed ric rac: vintage lace and trim from the 70's

This lace has really amazing details. I’ve been swooning all week because I know I’ll be putting this stuff to good use.

Vintage lace and trim from the 70's

More goodies. There is also some sequin trim (not shown) that will be excellent for costumes and crafting. There’s more than I can show here.

Vintage lace and trim from the 1970's

There’s just so much to play with. Some of it will need a quick steam. I’m excited about the white laces because, hello Rit dye.

Hope you enjoyed looking at my vintage lace and trim! How much big  is your vintage sewing stash?

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Hello. I'm Amy and I'm addicted to sewing. I borderline-hoard fabric, buttons, & patterns. Sometimes I wish I could pile my fabric up on the floor and just roll in it!


  1. Pam @Threading My Way

    Very 70s with all that orange. Very thoughtful of your Aunt and lucky for you. Have fun dreaming what you’ll do with it all.

  2. Gina

    Treasure!!!!! Have fun designing projects around those trims!!! Definitely a fun connection to your grandma!

  3. Diana

    Those trims are so cute! I swear I had that daisy trim on something growing up. I should look at our local arts & crafts thrift store for trims for you.

  4. Angela

    No way! So much fun. I have a bin of things like this too. Now I guess I’ll have to do something with them. Love the idea of dying them too. I really need to do that.


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