What I’ve Been Working On This Week

What I’ve Been Working On This Week

I feel like I haven’t gotten much accomplished this week because I haven’t tackled any big projects. I’ve started a series of things though. But finished almost nothing.

Do you ever do that to yourself?

I made a few bows to sell at the diner. They’re going really fast up there.

There are only a few weeks left until Halloween. I still need:
A vest for Sofie
Waist sashes for all 4 kids
Hubby’s whole costume
My whole costume

I found a pattern and instructions on www.fleecefun.com, and made a little hat for Bella’s dolls. I wanted to see if it was within my realm of capability. I used scrap fabric. ( SpongeBob SquarePants actually.) It came out okay.

I’m wondering if I can make one (pirate style) and sew a barrette on bottom for Bella’s costume. It would be a hat shaped hair bow. A hair bow hat. A non bow hat barrette. Whatever.

I tried this pattern for a tricorn hat for Evan.

I didn’t realize it called for wire…until it was too late….so I tried hot gluing things…it was bad. Click here if you want to see it shortly before I tossed that puppy in the garbage!

I’m going to let Krystal buy the boys hats. I’m done.

I used mod podge and decorated some more cardboard boxes to hold patterns and sewing notions.

I drew out plans for a massive carpentry project: a new sewing station. Edson agreed, and will probably start in the next week or two. Isn’t he fabulous? He might have agreed because there will be a brand new saw involved. I forgot what kind of saw, but I sort of bribed him with it.

Speaking of hubs, I sketched his costume out. I haven’t showed him yet, but I hope it’s what he’s going for.

I’m making the shirt using this pattern:

I’ll give a pattern review when I’m done.

So I’ll keep you updated on my catastrophes progress.

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