Why I’m a No-Reply Blogger

Why I’m a No-Reply Blogger

By Amy Mayen

It took me a while to figure out that WordPress, Typepad, & other non-Blogger platform users are just going to be No Reply Bloggers. There’s no way around it.

Gina from Party of 8: Our Story found me when I started commenting on her blog. We started talking about my NRB status, and I told her I’ve read every tutorial known to man to fix it. I had really began to doubt my own intelligence, when Gina found an article at PieceMeal Quilts that sums up the whole problem.

“It isn’t because I’m deliberately trying to be difficult. If I could change it, I would. But I’m not the problem – your platform is. WordPress users, TypePad users, Tumblr and Moveable Type users – none of us have a problem with no reply bloggers. Only Blogger users face this issue. See, Google doesn’t want to share the sandbox, so they’re making it difficult for people using other platforms to play. Anyone who blogs on a platform other than Blogger will always show up as a no reply blogger, as will anyone who leaves a reply using the Name/URL option. There’s nothing we can do about it. While Blogger allows us to comment using a WordPress, TypePad or OpenID profile, it does not share the email information with you (even though it’s available). Neither does it allow a commenter to enter the information through a Name/Email/URL option – only Name/URL which obviously does no good.”

You can read the full article by Sandi Walton by clicking the link below.

“No Reply?” No Kidding by PieceMeal Quilts

It’s not fair to you, as a Blogger blog, because the blogs we correspond with are the ones we tend to plus, like, comment, tweet, and share the most. WordPress & Typepad users link, share, click ads, and spend money at your Etsy shop just like Blogger users. How much SEO and possible sales are you missing out on by ignoring No Reply Bloggers? Especially when about 70% of bloggers are on WordPress.

It’s not fair to us, because we lose a ton of connections with some of our favorite blogs. I wonder how many potential readers I lose by being a No Reply Blogger. I’ve seen giveaways where the winner was a no reply blogger, and the host “had” to chose the next in line. I’ve seen comment forms that say, “if you’re a NRP, here’s how to fix it before you comment!!!” And it’s a tutorial on how to change your status within the Blogger platform- that we don’t use. We don’t have Blogger profiles guys. I even set up a blogger profile, thinking maybe I could link my blog to it- nope!

In WordPress, I can reply, email, or visit your blog from your comment with one click, all from within my platform. It’s actually very similar to Blogger.

Here’s how to correspond with your No Reply Bloggers, if you want to maintain or further your readership.

Within the email, or in your dashboard; as long as the commenter signed in with google or another platform other than anonymous, you will be able to click a URL directly to their blog or email, and often facebook or social media.

If your commenter is on the Blogger platform, you’ll need to go one step further, and click the link to their Blogger profile. (You should also consider that many Blogger bloggers choose the no reply option because Blogger makes their info public on any site they comment on.)

Sandi Walton has been researching this problem, and has even set up a dummy site with Blogger. She wrote a very thorough arcticle, including screenshots of a NRB comment, and where to go to reply. You can read it below:


In a nutshell, if you have comment notifications on in Blogger, you will receive an email when you get a new comment. The name of the commenter is a hyperlink. Yes, it says no reply blogger if they have blogger settings set to private, or if they use another platform. But if you click their name, it will take you to their blogger profile or g+ account.

If it’s more than what you are willing to do to correspond with your readers, that’s totally fine. Our time is precious, and we all have to spend it the way we see fit. I think it would be very nice though, if your comment forms didn’t say you can’t reply to us. We know you can, because a lot of Bloggers do.

You may not have known that you can, and that’s okay. You may not be willing to reply through a link, rather than right there on your site, and that’s okay too. But you are able. I actually prefer to contact my readers through email or on their site. I don’t expect readers to come back & see if I answered. Most people, myself included, don’t subscribe to comments, so they may not even read a a reply.

At the very least, I hope that us NRB outcasts will be treated more kindly. I’ve gotten sweet emails from so many thoughtful ladies who figured out how to contact me, and some who even tried to help me fix it. But I’ve also gotten snarky ones, insinuating that I’m a dummy, and every day I see comment forms that suggest I’m doing something wrong. There are entire blog posts that trash talk no-replies.

I read lots of Blogger blogs who don’t correspond with No Replies. It doesn’t offend me at all. I still read it, and buy your stuff and check out your affiliates. Just please don’t be rude to me for the way your platform is set up. Trust me, I’m frustrated too!

I hope this post makes it’s way around the blogosphere. Special thanks to the ladies who do make the effort to reach out to their NRBs when they can, like Cheryl from Sew Much Ado , Pam from Threading My Way, and Ginger from Gingerly Made. I’m writing this article to help Bloggers like you connect with bloggers like me!

And to Sandi Walton, you are the researching queen! Thanks for doing all the hard work for me. You are amazing!

I dont really blog about blogging much-but if you like this post, you may want to read 6 Tips for the Linky Party Hostess.
This post was featured on Threading My Way, and With A Blast! Thanks ladies!

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Amy Mayen

Hello. I'm Amy and I'm addicted to sewing. I borderline-hoard fabric, buttons, & patterns. Sometimes I wish I could pile my fabric up on the floor and just roll in it!


  1. Nina

    Hi, thanks for this, have referred to it a few times already, but will now blatantly steal the picture from the top, and add it as a widget/button in the side column of my blog to link directly to this post. Might as well spread awareness… Hope it’s all right.

  2. Susan

    And it’s worse than ever. Blogger doesn’t let me reply, using ANY of my IDs, even google, on an embedded comment box. If I use my google, it just disappears into thin air after saying it’s publishing. If I use my WordPress or LJ, it simply disappears.

  3. Ajaire

    Thanks for all of this info and the links to sandi’s post too Amy! I had no idea you weren’t able to add a non blogger site to your blogger profile. It all makes so much sense now. I’m so glad I finally know how to get in touch with you non-blogger types. :)
    Ajaire recently posted…Swimming SuitMy Profile

  4. Janie

    I think I just commented and lost it! (but if this shows up twice forgive me) I am wondering if there is a way around this. If you also post on FB, maybe you can out a link and small comment about your latest blog post through FB. It wold mean the “no reply” blogger would have to go to the link and read it, then comment on it on FB. Would that work? Or am I not understanding the problem. I understand it is the Blogger issue, but I have even done that myself lately on FB when I have a favorite blog on it…

  5. momstheword

    Wow, I had no idea about all that. I just thought that people wanted their privacy.

    I have a friend who transferred from wp to blogger and when she leaves a comment on my blog, she is NOT a no reply so I could respond to her email if I wanted. But I think that’s maybe because she was on blogger first. Because her profile is linked to her old blog, not her new blog.

  6. Natalee

    I cannot tell you how much I love this post! I have been having the very same frustrations for quite a while now. I have also done a lot of research to try to fix my no reply status. It’s just not possible! And, I’m so glad you stressed this. I am sharing this post because I don’t think enough people understand the issue. Love your pics too!

  7. Al

    I had no idea that it could be a platform issue. Thanks for educating me. The purpose of my post was simply to draw awareness to it, as when I first started blogging I had no idea what it meant to be a no-reply blogger. Do you mind if I add a link to this post on my NRB post? It could be good to show people the other side. Also, I’m glad you’re ok. I’m in the Canadian version of tornado alley (which is nowhere near as frequently hit as your area) so I know how destructive the storms can be. Stay safe.
    Al recently posted…The Garden Is InMy Profile

  8. A

    Not that it matters (& I don’t know or care to know how or why it works) but I have an obscure blog on blogger & I have an internet friend on an equally obscure wordpress blog – she does not have the “no reply” problem… (Maybe because we have both been bloging for 7+ years…)

  9. Anyonita

    You speak the truth! :) As one of the co-hosts from the My Favorite Posts Weekend SHOW OFF Party! I wanted to personally thank you for linking up with us & to invite you to add me to your G+ circles or follow me on Twitter or Facebook as I’ve done the same with you. Also, I run a link party on my food blog, Anyonita Nibbles where you can link up recipes or food related posts. This week’s party is here: http://www.anyonitanibbles.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/tasty-tuesdays-10.html

  10. Jann Olson

    Wow, who knew? I’m still learning and just find that it’s just fun to go with the flow and not worry too much. It will all work out in the end. Thanks for sharing with SYC. Great info!
    Jann Olson recently posted…Sneak Peek of my Farmhouse style. . .My Profile

  11. Susan

    Very informative. I’ll be posting a link back to this on my site this week. Please let me know if you have any objection.

  12. rea

    i have a lot of NRB that visit my blog and leave comments, including you….but i try to reach you back as much as i can so that you know that i appreciate you leaving me a comment and i’d love for you to always come back and see me…it’s just sad how selfish google can be…

    thanks for joining the Fun Friday blog hop Amy!

    rea recently posted…{Spring Cleaning} Clean the bottom of your pots & pans with aluminum foilMy Profile

  13. Bethany the ngnrdgrl

    I had no idea that Blogger was like that. I am a WordPress user. It didn’t even occur to me that some Blogger’s may not know how to reply to me and be accusing me of being a no reply blogger. I don’t see why they couldn’t just reply to the comment on their blog? And why I wouldn’t get a notice for the reply. Strange move google! Thanks for the info!
    Bethany the ngnrdgrl recently posted…How to add a Social Buttons Widget (Part 2)My Profile

  14. Marsha

    I use a WP platform and I thought when I went to .net instead of wordpress.com that the “NRB” would become a thing of the past. I do think there’s still a problem and I have tried all the suggestions I’ve come across.
    I also can’t comment on a lot of blogs because when it says “select Profile”, it won’t accept any of the choices. I have tried them all!!!! So, I don’t get to leave comments for a lot of blogspot.com bloggers when I’d love to tell them how much I enjoy their blog. Is this the same issue, do you think, or am I missing something?
    Thanks for this helpful post!

  15. emily

    Although I am a current blogger user, I’m in the process of looking around. I don’t like all the constant changes google is making to their products now. I’m not a no-reply blogger, but I’ve stopped trying to fight that battle!
    emily recently posted…132/365 Up!My Profile

  16. Charlene@A Pinch of Joy

    Thanks so much for a very informative post! This is indeed very frustrating — and so glad to know to there is a reason why my efforts to connect haven’t succeeded!
    Charlene@A Pinch of Joy recently posted…Busy Monday 62My Profile

  17. T'onna

    Thanks for the info… I didn’t know. I usually reply to comments via email. I may need to figure out something else… :-) Thanks for sharing at Submarine Sunday!
    T’onna recently posted…Submarine Sunday #31My Profile

  18. Amy of while wearing heels

    Hmmm. What an interesting post. I’ve seen thousands of posts about how to correct being a no reply blogger but never a post from the other end. You’ve been kind enough to leave comments on my blog and I realized you were a no reply commenter but instead of ignoring you (or anyone else), I do try and figure out if I can at least pay a returned visit and a returned comment. I am sorry to hear that your no reply status has been met with rudeness :(
    Amy of while wearing heels recently posted…Happy Mother’s DayMy Profile

  19. classic casual home

    This was helpful. When I get a comment from a NRB I usually try to find them and leave a comment on their blog (like in your case).
    classic casual home recently posted…Spread The LoveMy Profile

  20. classic • casual • home

    This was helpful…when I get a comment from a no reply blogger…like you, I usually try to find them and just leave a comment on their blog.

  21. Syl

    I don’t blog for profit or fame , just for fun. Although I must say that I’d been wondering what was going on with so few hits at my own blog. I didn’t expect a plague of visitors but just enough to know somebody had been there every now and then. I went through my blog’s dashboard intimacies and am more confused than ever. I’ve read your post and I still don’t get it but thanks for trying to get through my human firewall. I’ve decided to continue the way I have. If I have something I want to share with those close to me I send them a link in an e-mail.

  22. Kristin @ OneOrganicMama

    I had to click on your hysterical picture <3 stalking you all over social media now… I had no idea this was just a blogger issue… as a newbie… kinda bummed I didn't start with wordpress!!
    I would love for your to join in  The Weekend Block Party (where you can link up your facebook, twitter, bloglovin, intagram, and pinterest – so bloggers can stalk you ALL over social media) both going on now at One Organic Mama.
    Kristin @ OneOrganicMama recently posted…Happy Mother’s DayMy Profile

  23. Lisa Newlin

    I’m pretty sure there’s a way to undo this because I think I did it. I followed a tutorial on a website and I can’t for the life of me remember the site. I think you can google it. Or maybe try fabulousblogging.com and see if she has any advice there.

    If I found where I got the info, I will let you know. :-)
    Lisa Newlin recently posted…Musings at the MetMy Profile

  24. Kim @ 2justByou

    Wow! I had no idea. Thanks for the info. I’ve blogged about No-Reply Bloggers before and wondered why they’re always going to be there, no matter what. This answers that. Blogger is now also trying to install a Google+ comment system, which doesn’t even allow non-bloggers to comment (craziness!). There are some options available to blogger users, such as disqus and comment luv. I might look into those options.
    Thanks for all this info. I’m now following you via bloglovin. =0)
    PS – There’s a blog hop at my place open all weekend, if you’d like to join us and link up!
    Kim @ 2justByou recently posted…Meet & Greet Blog Hop #26My Profile

  25. Katja @ Shift Ctrl Art

    I was not really aware that this was an issue. I rarely ask a question in a comment, so I don’t really expect a response.

    I don’t use any of the conventional platforms, so I always use name/url if it is available. If a blog has their comments set without that option, I have a front blogger account with just a link to my website.

    Recently I have noticed some bloggers switching to Google + and then Google won’t let me respond with my Blogger id, it instead is prompting me to do all sorts of sign ups that I don’t want to do, so then I have to leave the blog without commenting. I think my comment out loud so it is at least out there ha ha :),

    I love it when people take the time to come to my blog after I comment on theirs, and I do the same when people comment on mine. I reply on my blog, but then I also swing by their blog and leave a comment back.
    Katja @ Shift Ctrl Art recently posted…Kreg Jig: At your split’s end? trouble shooting ideas to avoid wood splittingMy Profile

    • Amy Mayen

      Sounds good..I’m unable to add a non-Blogger blog to a blogger account. They add.blogspot.com, and tell me it’s invalid. No one else I know has been able either. Let us know if you’ve found a way :)

  26. Gloria

    Great post! I’m just stopping by to Say G’day from the Say G’Day Saturday Party. Have a beautiful day and see you again soon! Gloria @The Resourceful Gals

  27. Janet

    Thank you for validating for me that I’m not incompetent. Like you, I tried everything I could think of to opt out of no reply, as Blogger subscribers tell us we can. I contacted WordPress help and they were no help. It’s good to know it’s not just me.

  28. Jennifer

    Thanks for this post. I’m a NRB because I don’t want my Gmail address shown on my Blogger profile; it’s an old address that contains my full name and Google is making it hard for me to create a new one for my profile. I’ve made a new one just for my blog and linked it with a clicky button on my blog’s sidebar; people can email me that way if they want to. I am also annoyed when I see those statements on comment forms. You could always reply to my comment via email! That’s how I usually communicate with my readers anyway; as a NRB, they won’t even see that I replied to their comment on my blog and I don’t have anything to say in reply to most comments to begin with. But certainly if someone asked a question or I needed to reply for some other reason, I just reply to the email I got when they commented. It works just fine and anyone could manage that.
    Jennifer recently posted…This weekMy Profile

    • Amy Mayen

      Yup. I usually go from emails too. A lot of Bloggers told me they didn’t know they could reply from comments, and that they didn’t know there was a comment section in the dashboard.

    • wendy

      But we can’t reply to your comment by email, that’s the whole point. When we try it says “no reply@blogspot.com” in the email address box! I know which of my readers are no-reply and have stored their email address (which I got through contacting them on their blogs) so I can always reply to their comments. I would never reply in the comments, I think it’s arrogant to expect people to come back and read the comments!
      wendy recently posted…Treating myselfMy Profile

  29. ingrid@nowathomemom

    Funny that you posted this Amy, a while ago I was a no-reply blogger, I didn’t know about it until my friend Linda from Calling it Home, let me know about it. I couldn’t add a comment with my wordpress account so I created a new one with Google, I fix it by making sure it would display my e-mail address and that was it. Glad you posted this didn’t know how many of us had this same issue. thanks again Amy! Hope you will have a great Mothers day weekend with your beautiful family! :-)
    ingrid@nowathomemom recently posted…A Homemade Mother’s Day Gift for my Mother-in-lawMy Profile

    • Amy Mayen

      Yes ma’am, Bloggers have always been able to reply if we are signed in to our Google account. The problem is, many of them don’t know how since we still show up as a no reply blogger. They have to go to the email notification or their dashboard rather than replying from the comment.

  30. Claire @ A Little Claireification

    Popping over from the Pin Me Party. I am on WP.org and I was FINALLY able to fix this problem after months of frustration just this morning!! I followed the easy steps on this gal’s post. http://www.flusterbuster.com/2013/02/are-you-no-reply-blogger.html
    he only thing I didn’t do was Step #9 because why switch back if it’s fixed? Not like I can’t just go to Google+
    Already tested it and now people on Blogger can reply to me. Yay!!
    Hope it helps you, Claire
    Claire @ A Little Claireification recently posted…Mod Podge Shoes {Thrift Store Finds}My Profile

  31. Tamara @ Etcetorize

    Thanks for this post! I think I knew this but I didn’t really get it until now. I wish Google wasn’t such a ‘mean kid’ all the time~
    Tamara @ Etcetorize recently posted…Paper PendantMy Profile

  32. Linda@With A Blast

    I don’t know anything besides blogger, except that for a while if we connected our blogs to G+ we became NRB’s – that seems to be sorted out now {in a way} but if links are allowed on a blog, I always include my blog name. I’ve pinned this {from the Pin Me party}

    With A Blast
    Linda@With A Blast recently posted…Tropical Vegetable SaladMy Profile

  33. Gloria

    I came over to read from Linda’s blog and thought this was about NRB on Blogger. What a headache for so many. That’s a lot of hoops to jump through. Thanks for sharing this info and the links, too.

    Have a great weekend,

  34. Angela Bullard

    I always get an e-mail when someone comments on my post and I just reply to them through it. You’ve gotten those from me after commenting on one of my posts, right?

    P.S. Why am I having trouble commenting on yours?! (This is my second attempt)
    Angela Bullard recently posted…Winner!My Profile

  35. Angela Bullard

    I always get an e-mail when someone comments on my post and I just reply to the e-mail. You’ve gotten those after commenting on one of my posts, right?

    • Amy Mayen

      Okay, you are on Blogger. Yes, Sandi tells people how to reply through email or their dashboard in her post. Lots of Blogger bloggers don’t know this. Your a smart cookie!

  36. Pam

    I’ve pinned this Amy… perhaps more will see it.

  37. Bethany K

    Why, thank you! I just had this happen yesterday. It’s nice to know I’m not alone. I felt like you, like “I’m a pretty smart, savvy chick. I should be able to figure this out.”
    One thing I’m going to try today (let me know if you have already!) is set up a Blogger account that’s connected to the right email address. And then I’d use Open ID to comment from WP. Actually… now that doesn’t make so much sense. It made sense while I was falling asleep last night.
    Bethany K recently posted…Friday Recap (with Pictures)My Profile

    • Amy Mayen

      It makes sense! I did set up a blogger account and try it. Great minds think alike! I couldn’t add my blog, and we still show up as a no reply. But they can still reply through the email or on their dashboard. We can reply through dashboard, the email notification, or from the comment. Bloggers have all the same options, but can only reply from the comment to other Bloggers.

  38. thisblogisnotforyou

    Great post, Amy! I never gave a thought about it and I’m still not so sure if I understood what the problem is.
    I use WordPress and people who comment on my blog can just tick a box that and subscribe to their comment, so they automatically get an email when someone replies to it.

    Have a great weekend!
    thisblogisnotforyou recently posted…Peachy Lace/Splash Nails for Spring – do it yourself!My Profile

    • Amy Mayen

      We have a great commenting system with WordPress. It’s Blogger bloggers who have a hard time replying to us. I hate it! i love a whole bunch of Blogger blogs. But I hate that everyone thinks we can change a setting and not show up as a no reply. Makes me sad.

  39. Gina

    Amen Sista!! This is a great post and I hope it circulates the blogosphere too. Full of good info that so many people are not aware of. Thanks for letting me know the easy way of how to reply to you. I have never been to the comments page in my dashboard :). Who knew?!? I am with you…my preference is to have a reply by email; I don’t have time to go back and read comments.
    Gina recently posted…Kite Tails DressMy Profile

  40. Rachel

    This is great research and article links. I’m going to bottle up my rant here….Yes there is a lot of misunderstanding about what is really happening- and who is actually the one being difficult ;) I’m looking at you Blogger. NRB outcasts haha
    Rachel recently posted…Sew You Had A Boy: Pattern Review Surf’s Up Board ShortsMy Profile

    • Amy Mayen

      Rachel, does it sound too rant-y? I hope bitter isn’t poured into my writing. I got the rudest email ever yesterday. My feelings are hurt but I don’t want to sound like an evil cow!

  41. justine

    I’ve tried to answer your comments but couldn’t figure out how. Maybe that is why some bloggers install a different commenting program like disqus.


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