How To Change The Needle On Singer Sewing Machine?

Replacing the sewing machine needle is not any rocket science you can’t crack. All you need to do is just follow a few steps.

Needles can be broken, bent or dull- in any such situation, it is mandatory to change them. There are a lot of other reasons to replace your needle, such as it is advised to replace the needle according to your fabric.

In order to carry on, this is a must-learn skill. So, if you don’t know yet how to change the needle on your Singer Sewing machine, follow this article. We have tried to address the process adequately.

For your better understanding, we have divided the entire process into a few segments. Thus we will discuss the procedure in a few steps. If you want, you can read and rehearse every step. Doing this, you can expect your sewing machine needle to be replaced by the end.

First step:

First and foremost, switch off your sewing machine. Just in case any accident occurs, it is better and advised to switch the machine off to avoid any such circumstances. Moreover, you don’t even need the power to do the task.

Change The Needle On Singer Sewing Machine

Second Step:

You need to take out the old needle first to insert a new needle. Follow the following four steps to complete the step-

Raise the presser foot using the lever, which should be at the right side of the needle. You better place something like a piece of cloth or a paper so when you lose the needle, it doesn’t fall out through the hole.

Raise the needle to its highest point. This will provide you with more space to take out the old one and place the new one.

Change The Needle On Singer Sewing Machine

Now, loosen the needle using the screw. Usually, an ‘L’ shape screwdriver comes with the machine package- use that in the process.

Once the screw is loosened properly it will come out automatically. Place it to somewhere safe to avoid any accident.

Third Step:

Here comes the final task, which is to insert the new needle into the sewing machine. We suggest you better check the needle first. In case it comes out a faulty one, the whole pursuit will serve no purpose. We’ll complete this segment into three steps-

Place the new needle’s flat side away from you, or to be more clear, the flat side should be facing the back of the machine.

Now it’s time to push the needle all the way up till it hits the ceiling.

Change The Needle On Singer Sewing Machine

Alright, so now that the needle is in, the screw has to be tightened. Rotate it anti-clockwise until it’s properly tightened.

Congratulations, if you have followed through- you have finally changed the first ever sewing machine needle yourself.


You may have a few questions regarding the whole issue. Well, for your convenience, we have accumulated a few frequently asked questions, which we will attempt to answer.

Singer Sewing Machine

1. How often should the needle be changed?

Some professionals suggest changing the sewing machine after every project. If that sounds excessive, then you can change the needle after every two projects, even if the needle is not cracked or bent.

2. What happens if I can’t replace the needle properly?

This is an important issue. You better test the needle first on some idle cloth and then step forward. If anything seems to be wrong, check if you have followed all the processes properly.

3. Does every different fabric require a different needle?

The answer is yes. Every fabric has its different needs and qualities. If you don’t replace the old one, the stitches may become dull and poor.

4. How to understand which needle is for which fabric?

There’s a chart of needle sizes referring to different fabrics. Usually, you should find one with your machine package. Check that out.


Sewing is an amusing and creative job. It becomes more fun when you know all the aspects. Greetings, you have finally learned how to change the needle. If you make a few mistakes on the first few of your attempts- don’t just be frustrated. Read and follow the process again.

Hope you have found most of your answers effectively, and we have come to your help. Keep the aspiration alive. Be careful, be creative.


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