Why is my Sewing Machine Skipping Stitches: How to Fix?

We all face different problems while sewing. Sewing machine skipping stitches is one of the major and most common problems. Did you ever ask yourself, "Why is my sewing machine skipping stitches?"

You probably have already figured out some reasons behind this unexpected problem. But to entirely skip this problem, you should learn all the reasons behind skipping stitches.

If you're willing to learn all the reasons, then a single read-through of this content is going to be enough. Besides, you are also going to learn how to fix this problem. So, keep reading without skipping.

Causes of Skipped Switches

I have defined all the causes and classified them into 3 categories. Here I am providing a detailed explanation about all 3 classes.

Causes of Skipped Switches

1. Thread Related Reason

Low-quality thread

Most of us make the first mistake while selecting the thread for the sewing machine. Skipping stitches may be the result of using low-quality threads. So, I would suggest choosing a high-quality thread having minimal extra fuzz.

Discrepancy in the Needle and Thread Size

It doesn't always happen, but unmatched needle and thread size tend to cause skipping switches. Make sure to pick up the right size needle and thread, and they should complement one another.

Improper Threading

Did you thread the machine properly following the thread guide? Sometimes we make mistakes while threading the machine, which becomes a reason for skipped stitches. So, recheck it, and if you feel anything wrong, re-thread the machine.

2. Machine Related Reason

Inappropriate Tension

Did you notice the tension for the fabric you are currently using? Is it too high? If so, then it can be a major reason for skipped switches. To check this problem out, adjust the tension dial in a different position and figure out whether it's an issue or not. Moreover, you should adjust the tension on the bobbin case.

Machine Related Reason

Tighten Grip and Quickly Pulling Fabric

If skipped stitches become a common problem, lose the grip and pull the fabric slowly. If other problems are fixed, then this might be the main issue.

Loosely Woven Bobbin

Have you wound the bobbin correctly? If it is loosened, then wound it tightly around the spool. A loosely woven bobbin can be a reason for frequently skipped stitches.

3. Needle Related Reason

Dull or Bent Needle

Figure out the condition of the needle. If it is nicked, dull, or bent, there are possibilities of facing skipped switches. The problem isn't always visible. So, if the problem is caused regularly, you can try changing the needle.

Wrong Needle Size

You'll find needles of different sizes and different levels of sharpness. So, it's better to research a little extra and get the correct needle for the fabric you are sewing. The wrong one can cause sewing machines to drop and jump stitches.

Needle Related Reason

Loosened Misplaced Needle

If the needle isn't in the correct position and not tightened properly, it may cause skipped stitches when sewing. So, reposition it and tighten it to get rid of this problem.

I think now you know what causes skipped switches. I have already mentioned nine problems for brother sewing machine skipping stitches. These are also similar to other machines.

Now, it's time to tune up the machine.

How to fix Sewing Machine Skipped Stitches?

Till now, you have learned the reasons for sewing machine missing stitches. But now, I will add another segment on how to fix sewing machine skipping stitches.

How to fix Sewing Machine Skipped Stitches

1. Wind the Bobbin and Rethread the Machine

Check out whether the bobbin is threatened tightly and in the correct way or not. If not, then wind the bobbin properly and also rethread the machine. Make sure to place the spool correctly on the machine and keep the thread on the tension disk.

2. Change the Needle 

The experts suggest changing the needle after every 7 hours of sewing. So, change it in time.

3. Replace & Tighten the Needle

If you think the needle isn't in the exact position, replace it and tighten it to avoid sewing machine stitch problems.

How to fix Sewing Machine Skipped Stitches

4. Correctly Adjust the Tension Setting

If you want to get rid of handy stitch problems such as sewing machine skipping zig-zag stitches, you should adjust the tension dial according to the manual.

5. Use High-quality Thread

It's not always necessary, but high-quality thread ensures a better experience while sewing.

Closing Thought

I think you got the answer to the question, "Why does my sewing machine skip stitches?" There are different causes, and they are related to machines, needles, and thread.

Here you can't easily figure out all the problems. For that, I have also described the solutions to all of the issues. By applying the solution, you can quickly figure out the main reason and act accordingly in the future. So, that's all for now.


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